Hey, I'm Megan!

If you don't know me: I am the owner of The Local Space, also the one that tends to be behind a lot of those insta-stories (if you aren't following us over there, where the hell have you been?!). It's always been important to get as many kickass local brands in-front of as many eyes as possible. Unfortunately my brick and mortar shops only have so much physical space (and I only have so much moolah to pre-buy wholesale from everyone), that is why this is the next best thing (and something we have been working on for a long, long time).

I am super excited to launch The Local Marketplace so that even more Canadian brands can call The Local Space home - just in a virtual way this time. Participating in this program may also open us up to some brands that we should add to our brick and mortar locations once we see how they do online.

We look forward to having you apart of our online famjam!


STEP 1: Apply

Fill our the application form below to receive an invite to Shopify Collective with The Local Marketplace. If approved you'll receive an invite for the Shopify Collective app for suppliers. You must have a Shopify website to qualify.

Step 2: Set Up Shopify Collective

IIf approved, you will recieve your invitation for the Shopify Collective. Follow the steps in the Shopify Collective app. Make sure you select which products you want to offer, what percentage you want to offer for "wholesale" pricing to The Local Space, as well as set up your shipping rates.

It is important that when you set up your products that you have uploaded professional SQUARE photos and well detailed descriptions. If there is important information that needs to be relayed to the customer, make sure it is stated in the description of each product. For example: If a product is custom made, it is final sale. If it is made to order, maybe processing time is 2-3 weeks. Make sure all this information is clearly stated on the product page of each product.

Step 3: Publish Your Products

Once you have set up your Shopify Collective app and set up all the products that you want to offer to The Local Space, we will browse your catalogue and select which products we will import into The Local Marketplace.

Step 4: Get selling with the local space

Now wait for orders to come through on your own Shopify dashboard. You will fulfill and ship orders through Shopify just like you would as if the order came through on your own website.

Please Note: Sometimes it can take up to 3 hours for payment to be authorized - there may be a warning for a short amount of time that says 'wait for payment' but do not fret, it just takes some time for your website to read The Local Space's website. Shopify will automatically release payment to you as soon as the order is fulfilled.

Available for Canadian brands with a Shopify account

Visibility to our community of local lovers, with over 20K monthly web visitors

No monthly membership fees.



Please fill in all necessary information in the form at the bottom of the page. Vendors who e-mail via the contact page or do not provide the information outlined above will not be considered.

You must have a Shopify account.

You must be located in Canada - That's the 'local' in The Local Space ;)

You must love to support local and supporting fellow local brands (we do not accept brands that copy other brands, we don't like that game).

All Food Items must be made in a Health Authority approved kitchen.

All Bath and Body products must be Health Canada approved.

At The Local Space, we believe it's important to be inclusive for everyone and for our shoppers to feel comfortable supporting the brands that we represent. Therefore, we cannot accept brands that only cater to customers that fit in sizes of small through large.

Value is required
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Thank you! Please allow us a few business days to review your application. If you are selected, you will receive an invitation to join us through Shopify Collective.


what is the benefit to joining the local marketplace?

We have spent the last 7+ years establishing The Local Space in the online and supporting local atmosphere; you will get the opportunity to have your products in-front of the 20k monthly visitors to our website without any upfront costs.

What if I don't have a shopify website?

At this time this program only works with brands that have an existing Shopify website (or you can start one now). Shopify does have different levels of Shopify accounts from only $7 per month.

why do i have to have a shopify account?

Why customers are shopping on The Local Space's website, all your orders will be fulfilled through your own Shopify dashboard, so this will only work with a Shopify account.

Are there any fees or costs?

There are no costs or fees associated with participating in The Local Marketplace program above of your wholesale/dropshipping costs per each product that you sell on the platform.

Are there any rules for participating?

All brands that apply to participate in The Local Marketplace must be Canadian and must follow our Requirements (click here).