Raising money for your organization? Check out how you can earn a 10% commission on purchases during your fundraising campaign - we'll even give your supporters 10% off their purchases to incentivize them to raise even more!

Earn 10% Commission on your supporter's purchases!

Supporters get 10% off to incentivize them to raise even more for your cause!

No additional cost to participate.


Submit an application through the form below with details about your fundraiser.

If your application is approved, our Community Outreach Coordinator will get you set up with your discount code and fundraising link!

Start spreading the word! Invite your friends, family, and followers, to shop using the fundraising link/discount code and earn a 10% fundraising profit on each order toward your cause.



Schools, clubs or organizations that are able to issue a charitable tax receipt.


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How does fundraising with the local space work?

When your supporters shop using your fundraising code, they get 10% off AND earn your organization 10% fundraising profit on all purchases!

Fill out the application above to get started.

Who is eligible for fundraising partnerships?

Any clubs, schools, or organizations that are able to issue a charitable tax receipt.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is no cost involved in our fundraising program! In fact, to incentivize your supporters and maximize your success, we offer your shoppers a 10% discount on their purchases throughout your fundraising campaign!

When will my organization receive the funds?

Payment will be issued within 30 days of your fundraiser's end date.

Can I combine the fundraising discount with an existing discount?

No, only one discount can be applied at a time.