Gift Registry

Get what you want - what you really, really want!

Get the gift you really want

Got a special occasion coming up and want to share your wishlist with family and friends? We've got you.

Gift Registry

Create a registry below so your peeps can pick a gift off of your list! When someone purchases an item from your registry, it will be marked as purchased so others know you'll already be receiving it!

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Don't want to create a registry? You can still share your wishlist so family and friends can pick a gift off of your list! *Keep in mind: This option won't show others when something has been purchased off your list.

Create a wishlist

Whether you're celebrating loved ones, family, or friends, using The Local Space's gift registry makes gifting (and getting them what they actually want) easy-peasy. We now offer an online registry for any occasion so you can choose something their sure to love - straight off of their wish list.

Search for a registry below and give the perfect gift every time!

Gift Registry



To start your wishlist, simply click the 'Add to Wishlist' button on the listing page for any product.



To access your wishlist, tap the heart at the top of any page, and select the list you would like to see. Tap the 3 dots in the corner, tap 'Share' and fill out all of the info for who you would like to send your list to!