We F*n love our communities


We don’t just love to support our local brands but also our communities and love to make volunteering, giving back, and personal development accessible for our team. Below is some of the ways we try our best to support and give back to our local communities



We love to encourage our staff to give back to the community, with a full paid day off to volunteer with an local organization that is close to their heart.


We also encourage our staff to complete courses and/or seminars that support continuing their education on anti-racism and inclusivity to receive a paid day off.

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Giving Back

Throughout the year, we donate to initiatives that benefit our local communities in Surrey, Langley, and Chilliwack through sponsorships, donations, and other involvement.

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Planet-Friendly Efforts

We do our best to do good for the environment and are mindful of our practices surrounding energy consumption, shipping, and packaging. Learn more about our environmental commitments.

Community Requests

Throughout the year, we are approached by dozens of community members for support in their charitable efforts and giveaways within the community. We are only able to allocate a certain amount to community incentives every month: We do our best to support as many of these initiatives as our budget will allow. Especially around the holidays, our intitiatives are chosen several months ahead of time.

Want to partner with us?

Fill out the form below to submit your donation or collaboration request. Please keep in mind, we are unable to participate in all of the requests we receive and must choose which intitiatives to support; We do so with a lot of thought and care into which requests we feel will do the most good for our communitie