Types of Partnerships

Paid Partnership/Sponsored Content: While we do keep our sponsored content to a minimum to ensure the trust stays with our followers, we do take on a number of sponsored content opportunities each month as long as it is something that we trust and aligns with our brand. Budget $250-$1000 for sponsored content opportunities based on the wants and needs of the brand.

Collaboration: We love collaborating with local Canadian businesses; from developing The Local Space exclusive items to sharing about new local businesses, restaurants (including breweries, duh!) and services within our communities.

Affiliate Partnership: An affiliate partnership is great for Canadian brands that we do not have space for in the store at this time, or are products that do not work with our wholesale requirements. You provide a product and a discount code for our followers and pay an agreed upon commission rate (usually in the range of 10-25%).

Giveaway: Who doesn't like a giveaway? We tend to get asked to participate in quite a few every month so we do have to cap it and make sure it aligns with The Local Space brand, but if you want to do a giveaway with a Local Space gift card, we can offer the gift card at a discount depending on how many you choose to purchase.

Other Business Opportunities: We are always open to discussing other business opportunities and ideas that you may have.

Please Note: The trust that our local lovers give us is important so before any content will be released to our followers we have to test the product and/or service. On occasion your product may be returned, or the service may not be shared about, if we do not feel comfortable recommending it to our local lovers. Any sponsored content will be cancelled if we feel it does not fit The Local Space brand.