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Want to increase your brand awareness?
We are always accepting new sponsorship opportunities!
How would you like to be apart of any future events or community functions that The Local Space participates in?
In 2023, we participated as the gifting sponsor for the West Coast Women’s Trade Show. An event at two, Lower Mainland, locations with over 25,000 consumers learning about The Local Space and all of our incredible brands. This sponsorship provided the first 500 guests a bag of gifts at each event. This opportunity brought a multitude of brand recognition and awareness to many new-shoppers on the West Coast with over $20K of marketing promotion throughout the event & the time leading up to it.
This was our first of many opportunities that arose from this program. We are hoping to continue this trend of bringing the power of the small business community together to have opportunites that we naturally wouldn’t alone.
And this program does not need to stop there!
We’re hoping that this can evolve further as a platform for local businesses to opt-in so that we may be able to offer further initiatives. Some ideas on its own consist of things such as - specialty Local gift box items, testing new brands within The Local Space subscription boxes & providing free gifts in all outgoing online orders over a certain $ limit.
We want your product to be acknowledged. How better to do so than to get it into our hands so that we can share it with our customer base?
Apply today with some information of what you have in mind!

Not a vendor, but wanna know more?

Check out our community page for more info on how we're getting involved and what events we'll be at in your neighbourhood.


Can I attend?

When we take sponsorships, we track who would be interested in attending and make note for when we coordinate each event. As long as we have the space, we will welcome all sponsoring vendors. However, priority will be given to the higher levelled sponsors! Either way, we can easily coordinate getting you into the event regardless!

What does sponsorship get me?

Sponsoring these events gives your business the opportunity to increase your brand awareness, have greater visibility in the Greater Vancouver area and be showcased at The Local Space's booth (IF exists), with many more sponsorship benefits that vary based on the event we are attending. More specific benefits can be given after you submit your request!

What if I cant participate but want to sponsor still?

You're absolutely welcome to sponsor the events but do not have to be AT the event. We only have so much space we can offer for our vendors to join us already 😃

I don't have product where I can offer physical sponsorship, is there another way to participate?

Yes! You can fill out this form and we can discuss any realm of financial contribution or future partnership programs.