Summer 2023 Subscription Box

What's in the box?

Shatter Resistant Wine Glass | Fable

Sip, swirl, and cheers with confidence from crystal wine glasses with shatter-resistant strength. With an elegant pulled stem and universal bowl, they’re your new go-to for white, red, rosé, and beyond. For centuries, our stemware facility has been crafting high-quality clear crystal stemware—and thanks to a special toughening treatment, we’ve made it shatter-resistant.


Passion Punch | The Licker Store

We're suckers for these gourmet lollipops, and our Summer Box exclusive Passion Punch flavour is no exception. This tropical passionfruit punch is the perfect candy for a little taste of summer!


Cosmo Cubes | Fuse and Sip

Try a juicy blend of dried cranberry, lime & organic cane sugar for our all-natural take on the traditional cosmopolitan. No additives, chemicals or dyes are in this drink so you can indulge guilt-free. How to make: Drop 1-2 cubes into a glass with a splash of warm water. Muddle the cube until it dissolves & add your favourite alcohol or water, top with sparkling water & ice if desired. Stir & enjoy!


Face Tan Water | Sunnatan

Fresh, glowing skin is just a mist away! Add a warm, subtle glow to your face with our lightweight, delicate Keep Me Sunkissed Face Tan Water, specially formulated for your face with nourishing, anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, witch hazel water, red maple extract. and the natural scent of vanilla fruit water. It will leave your skin hydrated, even, toned and glowing without any sticky finish.


Endless Summer Collection | Kanel Spices

Bonfires. BBQs. Pool parties. The best summer memories are made when tasty meals are on the menu. This summery five-pack contains our most grill-worthy blends, each with its unique flavour profile.

Whether you’re into fiery, smoky goods, or love a caramelized, crispy bite, we’ve got something in here sure to tickle every tastebud at the dinner table. Summer feasts have never been so mouth-watering!


  • Caramelized Coffee Rub
  • Butcher’s Block
  • Fresh Salted Peppercorns
  • Sweet Korean Heat
  • Organic Louisiana Fried Chicken