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Caesar Squeezers was born on a camping trip when there was a need for a Caesar - aka the hair of the dog. With only a few of the key ingredients on hand, maker Shawn thought about how fantastic it would be to have the fixings for a Caesar all in one squeeze bottle.  And viola: Caesar Squeezer was born. 

Shawn and fellow maker Michelle worked together at a busy local watering hole in West Vancouver so it made sense when they partnered together to brainstorm how to they could help people make a restaurant quality Caesar anywhere, anytime.

Caesar Squeezers first hit shelves in 2016 at a liquor store attached to the pub where they worked.  A keen interest from local shops and orders coming in from across the country via instagram made Shawn and Michelle realize they might actually have something here.

Their creation ended up being the first to market and that is something they have always been proud of. What started out as an idea became a product, and then became a product sold coast to coast including The Local Space.

Caesars are Canada's national cocktail and Caesars bring people together. Shawn and Michelle are in the business of gathering people over a Caesar whether it’s camping, bbq-ing, brunching, or lunching. That’s what drives them!

BBQ season is almost here! Stock up Caesar Squeezers and other summer essentials at The Local Space online or in-store!!






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