Spring 2021 Local Subscription Box

So What's in the box?

Beeswax Wrap | Naturebee

A cute and eco-friendly reusable food wrap made of 100% natural beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil, and cotton! The heat from your hands will help form the wrap to your food and seal in the freshness. To clean: use cool water, a gentle soap, and lay flay to dry.

Diamond Cleaner | Auratae

As much as we hate Spring cleaning, this natural and powerful multipurpose household cleaner will be your new best friend! With a light floral scent, it's perfect for use in bathrooms, on stainless steel, around the kitchen, you name it!

Chocolate | Solasta

Solasta's artisan chocolate is a true favourite around here. This chocolate is made with premium ingredients that are sourced locally when possible.

Offended Mug | Pier Prints

Did you really expect anything less from us? This Tears of the People I've Offended mug is a Local Space design made exclusively for the Spring Subscription Box, made to life by our friends over at Pier Prints.

Laundry Sheets | Kind Laundry

These are a zero-waste laundry detergent alternative. 1 sheet is enough for a standard load of laundry: Simply toss the sheet into the washer with your clothes and wash as usual. 

Produce Bag | The Market Bags

This organic cotton muslin produce bag says it all! It's excellent for replacing the single use plastic bags you find in the bulk and produce aisles.

Swedish Dish Cloth | Bold Face Goods

These eco-friendly alternatives to paper towel is great for cleaning up spills. When it's time to clean, these dish cloths are machine washable, or they can even be tossed on the top rack of dishwasher. Simply lay them flat over your faucet to dry.

Cleaning Products | Filo

Save a plastic bottle with these eco-friendly vegan cleaners from Quebec City! Simply dissolve 1 tablet into 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle, and your cleaner is ready to use. Be sure to give it a little shake before each use to ensure it is evenly mixed.