2023 Advent Calendar

We're back again with 24 of the coolest local Canadian products that you can find in an advent calendar. So what's in the box?

Day 1: Exclusive Cranberry Bliss Lollipop | The Licker Store


The incredible team over at The Licker Store in Surrey, BC created this incredible custom holiday-flavoured treat for us all. Each lollipop is hand-poured and crafted with new tasty flavours coming out all of the time. We hope you enjoy it! 

Day 2: Winter Mist Linen Spray | Mint Cleaning 

Your new all-natural cleaning line - Mint Cleaning, created this limited edition scent for the holidays. Winter Mist is a linen spray to make all of those cozy, warm, wintery feels come to life using sweet orange, balsam fir and clove. This product can even be used as a body spray! 

Day 3: Exclusive 2-pack "Jewel" Silk Hair Ties | Supercrush


Supercrush started by hand-sewing each piece that they curated. With quality in mind, the thick elastics underneath the beautiful silk coverings are bound to hold your hair back for much longer than your average drug-store brand. This 2-pack has colours picked just for you advent locals. Always made with 100% mulberry silk.

Day 4: Sara Earrings | For The Seconds Jewelry


Simple. Elegant. Something you can wear each and every day. 15mm diameter, gold vermeil, water & tarnish resistant. A perfect addition to your daily jewelry collection.

Day 5: Gingerbread Soy Candle | Lily Lou's Aromas 

Ginger, spice and everything nice. The perfect scent to ravish your home with that reminding holiday scent. A great way to add that "fresh baked" feel on a baking-free day. 

Day 6Christmas Swirl Gummies | La Boite Bon Bon 

The most favoured holiday treat from your favourite candy company at The Local Space - one that comes out exclusively at this time of year, and shared with us a tad early for you to enjoy. Made with orange, raspberry and strawberry swirls.

Day 7: Good Juju Lotion | Walton Wood Farms

The favourite from our 2022 Advent that surely had the highest of ratings. We couldn't resist ensuring that you had some more on-hand. This is a thick and rich hand cream formulated with Shea and Coco Butter, complimented by an uplifting Satsuma Mandarin scent. *Sample size included in advent.

Day 8Cellulose Sponges x2 | Nature Bee Wraps

Love your sponge more than your dish brush but hate the way it smells? Hate having to store so many of them under your sink? Well, Nature Bee has provided you with 2 of their cellulose sponges. They stay paper thin until wet. Perfect for storage. Made from wood pulp (aka plant cellulose) and is vegan, compostable, and PLASTIC FREE! It works just as well as a regular sponge but without the waste. 

Day 9: Amplify Shampoo Bar | Jack 59 

Easily one of the best shampoo bars to date! Scented with a minty pine + bit of orange. Biodegradable, pH balancing hair care, ethically & sustainably made and an incredible indigenous brand based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Enough to last about a month, great for travel, and vegan. We cannot say enough great things about these products. 

Day 10: Tinted Lip Mask | Maskeraide 

Your first full sized item! Congrats! A lip mask created to soothe and hydrate over the cold, wintery months - but one that you can toss on at any time of day and get a beautiful soft, red colour boost. It uses the power of Blueberry antioxidants to hydrate and nourish the lips, while adding a subtle hint of healthy-looking colour.Because why should you have to sacrifice your lips to look bomb? 

Day 11Maple Praline Almonds | Laid Back Snacks

A toast to Canadians, and another great snack! *Allergy warning - of course* Made with only the best Maple Syrup from Quebec. Laid back snacks offers tons of great, small batch, healthy alternatives to add to your daily snack routines. This one is one of our favoured holiday treats. 

Day 12: White Honey | Drizzle Honey

A Calgary-based company that cares so immensely, we couldn't NOT have it. A great addition to your Hot Toddy's (or tea I suppose) on Christmas morning. Drizzle White is a light, delicate, raw honey, buttery in texture and perfectly paired with fresh flavours like fruit, lattes and warm bread.

Day 13: Magnesium Gel | So Luxury

A crowd favourite company, based in Mission, BC with a never-ending list of natural beauty products. Magnesium, known as the "relaxation mineral" relieves muscle aches & pains, and promotes restful sleep. Can be gently massaged into skin. 

Day 14: Stockholm Lemon & Dill | Kanel Spices

A Montreal-based company that seeks only the freshest of ingredients for their dominating spice collection. Inspired by the classic Scandinavian combo of fragrant dill, zesty lemon and salt-cured salmon, this fresh and herbal all-natural blend is perfect for brightening grilled fish – and tastes just as good with chicken, potatoes and even scrambled eggs. Try it mixed into sour cream or yogurt for a satisfyingly creamy vegetable dip you can feel good about serving the kids. 

Day 15: Fraser Fir Botanical Cleaning Concentrate | AuraTae

We cannot say enough great things about this scent that Taelore had created for us. Fraser Fir - close your eyes and be taken away to a Christmas Tree farm immediately. This cleaning concentrate makes 4 full 32oz bottles of cleaner, or you can use it in various concentrates to remove stains, clean stainless steel, or even more. We absolutely recommend learning more about the uses this thing has - it can replaced nearly every chemical cleaner in your home. 

Day 16: Cranberry Smooch Chapstick | K'Pure

A Local Lover favourite year after year, we cannot have our advent without a K'Pure Smooch flavour. We did try to get you something different - but y'know, not all scents taste as good as they sound. So welcome back to a favoured 2022' advent item! 

Day 17: Exclusive Hot Toddy Individual Packet | Fuse & Sip

Are you ready to drink your holiday away like we are? Who doesn't love a hot toddy Christmas morning. Did you know that a Hot Toddy was originally curated to heal the common cold? Well - now you have a reason to get sick and find out. Cozy up with this delicious blend of lemon, apple, sarsaparilla root, echinacea, allspice and organic cane sugar. Empty the package into a pot, add 4oz of whisky, rum, cider or water & warm over the stove for 15-20 minutes.  Do not boil or overheat the alcohol. Turn off heat, stir and strain.

Day 18: Bath Salts Mini | Hermit Goods

Hermit created these perfect little bath salt minis - the perfect amount to add to a bath. For best results, we recommend you pair these with a nice bottle of wine. This bath soak features a calming spearmint, eucalyptus, and peppermint scent.

Day 19: Candy Cane Crunch | Fraser Valley Gourmet

A treat so tasty that they've already SOLD OUT (lucky you). Soft-crunch caramel with perfectly roasted almonds, topped with rich white chocolate and Candy Cane that bursts with fabulous toffee and peppermint flavor perfect for the Holiday Season. One bite and you're hooked! It really is that good!

Day 20: Nourishing Milky Essence Serum | Maskeraide 

FULL SIZE! With this weather, we knew. It's smooth and silky milk texture deeply nourishes the face, leaving your skin feeling soft and plump. The calming lavender scent will transport you to the spa, while the milk protein works it's magic to transform your skin.

Day 21: Exclusive Solstice 2oz Candle | Canvas Candle


Our neighbour to the warehouse, and a company that we love! With crowd favourites such as Best Coast, Canvas always puts out a great scent. And as you may have seen on their oh-so-discrete stories, they created a custom scent for our Local Lovers to enjoy. Meet your nose's holiday match with Solstice; a beautiful scent of holiday greenery, oranger, ginger and vanilla. 

Day 22: Exclusive Fireside Perfume Roller | Truly Lifestyle Brand 

Another of our exciting full-sized items, and one you "Truly" can't find anywhere else. The scent we've all been waiting for. A custom scent that takes your mind straight to sitting in the living room of your cozy-cabin over the winter months. A scent that only gets better once put on. 

Day 23: Everyday Moisturizer | Midnight Paloma 

Your final full-sized beauty product. How special. We thought you'd absolutely love this everyday moisturizer. One that is well-loved over here. Made with rosehip oil to boost skin's elasticity, and hyaluronic acid to softens the appearance of aging.

Day 24: Pave Huggies | Noble Grace Adornments

We thought you may love your final piece to be that extra sparkle you'll want to ring in the new year with. And our way of offering a special thank-you for supporting local, and purchasing our advent. We felt that one pair of beautiful, simple and elegant earrings just weren't quite enough. 

*Some items included in the advent are sample sizes or may differ in size from the images shown