2021 Advent Calendar

Our 2021 Advent Calendar was packed full of 24 local products to get you in the holiday spirit. So what was in it?

Day 1: Swedish Dishcloth | Boldfaced Goods

This incredibly absorbent and versatile dishcloth from Sweden is a wonder for household chores and can completely replace your need for paper towels. This cloth made of 70% wood cellulose and 30% cotton is compostable, so it makes the perfect addition to your zero-waste lifestyle. What's even better is you can clean it by tossing it in the dishwasher (yeah, that's two chores done at once). Get cleaning!

Day 2: Exclusive Holiday Coupon | The Local Space

This advent surprise is a little gift from us to help our advent purchasers finish off all your holiday shopping! This exclusive discount is only available through the purchase of an advent calendar.

Day 3: Snack Pack | Laid Back Snacks

Laid Back Snacks has developed all of their snacks with an 80/20 nutritional philosophy in mind: 80% whole grown goodness, 20% earned indulgence as a reward for making smart decisions. No more feeling guilty after snacking because they've innovated clean eating.

Day 4: Smooch | K'Pure Naturals

Pucker up! This is the most luscious and moisturizing lip balm ever. Made with sweet almond oil, coco seed butter, beeswax and shae butter, this is the perfect fix for chapped lips (plus it smells delish).

Day 5: Peppermint Bark | Sweetsmith Candy Co.

This soft, chocolatey bark with crushed candy canes is perfect for the holidays. Sweetsmith Candy Co. is dedicated to making delicious candy that anyone can enjoy, including those with sensitive diets. These allergen friendly treats are ideal for individuals with wheat, soy, dairy, and egg sensitivities.

Day 6: Cleansing Balm | Midnight Paloma 

Waterproof mascara and sunscreens don't stand a chance against this cleansing balm that removes dirt, makeup, and impurities without over-drying the skin. This rich, clean blend instantly gives you a spa-like feel with its nourishing formula of botanicals that clarify and boost the skin's radiance. 

The Cleansing Balm works wonders paired with the Midnight Paloma Cleansing Mitt. Apply a dime sized amount to the mitt, and massage into your face for a soft exfoliation. 

Day 7: Beauty Cloth | Cheeks Ahoy

This cloth features premium hemp and bamboo fleece perfect for light exfoliation, removing makeup, and oil cleansing. Not only are hemp and bamboo amongst the most sustainable fabrics in the world, this luxurious fabric gets even softer after washing. 

Day 8: Beeswax Wrap | Naturebee

Made from 100% cotton, Vancouver Island sourced beeswax, pine tree resin, and jojoba oil, these wraps use the warmth from your hands to secure themselves to bowls the same way plastic wrap does - except there's no single-use plastic waste here! These durable, convenient, and fun wraps will bring colour to your kitchen and keep plastic waste from entering our oceans.

Day 9: Velvet Scrunchie | Supercrush

Elevate your holiday party outfit with this rich emerald green scrunchie! No more boring ponytails, you're only serving looks from now on. Supercrush makes all of their scrunchies with locally sourced textiles; cute, functional, and ethically made...hell ya!

Day 10: Truly Exfoliating | Truly Lifestyle Brand

This facial scrub from Truly has a vegetable cream base, leaving your skin silky smooth without clogging pores. This formula also includes Vitamin E, which is an effective acne treatment that helps with cell regeneration. Simply dampen your face, massage a quarter size amount onto face and neck massaging upwards, rinse with warm water, pat to dry, and enjoy your fresh feeling skin✨

Day 11: Good Juju Hand Rescue | Walton Wood Farm

This thick and rich mixture of shea butter and cocoa butter will save your hands from winter. Accompanied by a deliciously uplifting satsuma mandarin scent, soft hands never smelled better.

Day 12: Bon Bons | Solasta Chocolate

Where's our chocolate lovers at? These bon bons are a peanut butter, sea salt milk chocolate, and wow do they ever look good. Solasta sources their ingredients from local farmers whenever possible, so you know you're getting fresh, high quality ingredients.

Day 13: Exclusive Shot Glass Candle | Auratae x The Local Space

 When brainstorming ideas for this year's advent, Megan's love for Fireball was mentioned. We knew we couldn't include an actual shot, so we did the next best thing: we turned to Auratae to turn Megan's fave shot into a candle (in the cutest shot glass!)

Once your candle is at the end of its life, the glass can easily be cleaned with soap and water. Then it's time to get f*n lit.

Day 14: Exclusive Cranberry Drenched | K'Pure Naturals

We've included a K'Pure best seller in an exclusive cranberry scent to get you in the mood for the holidays! How f*n cool, right? Drenched is a luxurious whipped and hydrating mousse that gives skin a noticeably smoother, softer feel. It helps with moisture retention, sunburn, relief from dry skin, and serves as a great addition to morning and evening routines.

Day 15: Cleaning Tab | Filo

Filo's (now renamed Myni) cleaning solution is concentrated down into the size of a quarter. Simply place it in a spray bottle filled with water, and watch it transform into something that looks a little more like your conventional cleaning solution. The difference is this tablet uses 1000x less energy to produce. Aka you're not paying extra for ingredients that you already have: water! 

Day 16: Hot Chocolate | Truffle Pig

Nothing says holiday comfort like a cup of hot chocolate. Unlike your typical sweet hot chocolate drink, this dark chocolate powder has a strong cocoa flavour that is perfect for those who are dairy free, vegan, or watching their sugar content!

Day 17: Exclusive Chestnut Candle | Coconut Candle Co.

We have another local exclusive! We have collaborated with Coconut Candle Co. to develop the yummiest smelling chestnut candle. Hand poured in small batches in New Westminster, all their candles use premium coconut wax with crackling cedar wicks.

Day 18: Polar Bear Gummies | C'est Bonbon

Cuter than a gummy worm! These gummy polar bears are involved in an initiative to preserve wildlife and nature.This product is a part of the 1% for the planet organization; a program that donates 1% of revenue to address issues like climate change, pollution, and wildlife diversity. 

Day 19: Mini Jam | East Van Jam

PB&J just got more interesting! This tasty jam is accented with exotic orange blossom and tangy lime. This marriage of flavour is mouth-watering. Besides using this as a delicious spread on toast, you can incorporate East Van Jam into vinaigrettes, yogurts, or cheese platters. Yum!

Day 20: Ritual Rose Soap | Sealuxe

Long a fan favourite, the Ritual Rose soap bar is created with shea nut butter and rose clay on top of glycerin soap base with activated charcoal on the bottom. It's the perfect combination for a luxurious cleaning experience. Use this bar to nourish damaged skin and balance skin's natural oils.

Day 21: Holiday Socks | Friday Sock Co.

Picture this: it's Christmas eve and you're sitting in front of the fireplace with your Holiday Socks on. The kids are in bed and you're eating Santa's cookies and milk. Life is good.

Day 22: The Noel Tea | Loosely Tea

Who needs a tree? Bring on Christmas in a cup with The Noel, a limited edition holiday 2021 blend. This is a delicious cinnamon and orange black tea blend designed to support heart health, promote healthy digestion, and introduce Vitamin C to the body.

Day 23: Bath Bomb | Soak & Sea

A warm bath is all you need on a chilly winter night. This beautiful rose quartz crystal bath bomb made with rose petals and bergamot essential oil adds a bit of luxury to your night in. 

Day 24: 14K Bracelet | For the Seconds

Yep, we put gold jewelry in this year's advent calendar! This delicate and stunning bracelet from For the Seconds is 14K gold filled. Gold filled pieces are the most durable and most similar to solid gold, plus they're water and tarnish resistant.