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Meet Tanya Erickson, the creator of

    Tanya Erickson, a mother of her beautiful son Ryder, local to Mission, BC took over WCWC in 2019, 2 years after the brand was launched by Nicole Mack. Nicole was a local Mission girl, known to be fun, caring and loving, she working closely with one of our own's family members at Shaw Cable before going back to school to expand her career. 

Tanya had been working in retail management for 15 years. After finding this brand, she knew that she'd wanted to own her own piece of retail and loved the sassy parts that came with it. Her wish of owning a clothing line then came to fruition after a short-stint where the second owner had taken over and realized that she wasn't going to be able to keep up with the demand that this well-loved, local Fraser Valley brand had behind it. The opportunity fell into Tanya's lap and she jumped right in, without a fragment of hesitation. 

With the traditional & ever-so-popular West Coast Best Coast and the Chilliwack Mountains graphics that Nicole had designed were already moving rapidly, Tanya began designing more of her own apparel that helped further build the brand's tone such as the well-loved "I'm a F*cking Delight" tee and her new "Fall is my Second Favourite F-Word" graphic that you can find on her online storefront (and hopefully at The Local Space & The Local Space Marketpalce soon!). Her designs are simple, but fun. She focuses on ensuring that everything she creates, is something that she (or her little one) would proudly wear themselves!

While Tanya has stated how strenuous owning her own business has been through these past few years, she cannot imagine having more gratitude than she does today for having made the shift. Her passion lies in the connection that she makes with her customers & other small businesses. You can find Tanya at nearly every market and event that you can imagine! She's always happy to attend any community event that allows her to feel that love through the West Coast following. 

Her kind and generous personality aligns so well with the Local Space and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her be the one that took over! Thank you so much Tanya for being such a thrill and always having F*N with us. 

We look forward to having more of Tanya's apparel available soon and cannot wait to see some more fun & sassy designs that are inevitably going to come again soon. Keep your eyes out on our IG for a special surprise that she wants to offer you all as a thank you for supporting local! 



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