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Meet Caylen Baker, the creator of

    Caylen Baker began Canvas Candle Company in 2016 from the kitchen of her Port Moody home. Originally this was merely a fun, creative outlet to elevate her rather “inside the box” corporate lifestyle. However, after developing such a passion through research in the industry, Caylen found herself seeing the potential that her relaxing hobby had in bringing affordable, high-quality candles into her local community. With a background and education in sales and marketing communications, Caylen actually found herself working in shopping centre marketing and leasing - one of those locations being The Shops at Morgan Crossing, one of our storefront locations!

What began as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion project that propelled Caylen to rent space from an owner of a circus school in Pitt Meadows (we know, it must have been quite a spectacle!) within the same year of her beginning… All before moving to their Coquitlam studio, and most recently their new studio and showroom near The Local Space Warehouse in Port Kells - Which you can visit!

Expansion began in the midst of the pandemic, which in-turn created an fun, close-knit little work family of who Caylen shows immense gratitude for. Heather, Operations Manager, you can thank her for the Fall/Winter 2023 scents! Brooklyn, Production Assistant, who kicks butt everyday to pour, process and quality control the candles, and Adrian, Marketing Manager, who keeps their showroom, events and social feeds looking as stunning as they are! Caylen also requested that I mentioned Julianna, their former Shipping and Customer Service coordinator, as she recently left to pursue her own dreams, but was a key factor in Canvas Candle Co's success today.

Caylen began this company with the goal of getting her product into large stores such as Indigo. While she accomplished all (and more) than she sought out upon when deciding to shift into the small biz world, she very quickly learnt that she didn’t feel the value of success could be measured solely on the "usual" business success theories. Rather, she feels her achievements best in the relationships and connectivity she holds dear to her heart among her customers, and the small businesses and shops who carry her product.

“I think my passion for the small business community, and our customers really drove me to keep going. I hear stories of how our product impacts the lives of others, it often will bring me to tears and still feels SO surreal that our products are impacting people’s lives in positive ways.”

- Caylen Baker, Founder

With an extremely difficult few years that we have all felt in our businesses, Caylen, and her team, continue to propel forward with motivation from these connections. Being able to hold true conversation and feel impactful is what drives this team to continue to do all that they’re doing to create more product and continue expanding. It’s with this feeling that lit the idea for Caylen to focus this year on our little community that we have all built up, and start building a series of classes available to learn how to make candles right in their studio! Keep your eye out for their new ventures, and hopefully some more new scents in the coming months!

Commends to you and your team Caylen! 

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