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Meet Kim Wiseman, the creator of Kanel Spices

 Kim Wiseman, a Montreal based mother, had developed her pallet for taste at an early age. Her parents had married in India, and with them, built a home full of exotic spices. She had always thought it to be normal to have a collection of hundreds of different spices. As a child, she fell in love with the way that sprinkling food with a small amount of spice could so dramatically alter the taste. 

"Spices make everything better, they can elevate any meal." - Kim Wiseman, Founder & CEO

In 2018, after having kids, she didn't have the time to spend hours mixing blends in the kitchen, and hadn't been satisfied with the quality and freshness of spice blends that were found in stores. Kim wanted something healthy, easy, and most importantly delicious, to shake onto her family's food. And so, Kanel was born. 

With perfect spice blends that we love, such as Stockholm Lemon Dill, Santa Fe Chipotle Honey, or the Montreal Bagel Spice, you can find the right piece to sprinkle to your dish to make a delicious and elevated meal both on her website, and at The Local Space! If you want to get a good taste of the variety of spices that Kanel offers, Kim also has 2 different sets of miniature spice collections available called; The Voyager Collection and Kanel Classic Collection. (She also has infused salts available - and they are oh so good)


Kim's background is retail, and when she'd began Kanel, her goals were to have beautiful, eco-friendly packaging and to sell through her own retail stores. Hitting these targets so well, and getting 4 locations up and running, she had to quickly change course as the pandemic hit. As many of the small businesses we know today, she had no choice but to opt for a focus on e-commerce and distribution through speciality retailers such as The Local Space (How lucky we became).

"It's still a grind but I love the challenge" - Kim 

Kim shared a few details surrounding Kanel & the operatives of her business below;

"Our spice blends use only the freshest ingredients available, which dramatically enhances the flavours of the blends. And the taste of our blends is unmatchable. We are proud to collaborate with the best suppliers in the world to develop complex flavours that are perfectly balanced. And our blends are designed to be easy to use. We recognize that people are busy, but want to make healthy choices. We designed our blends to be simple enough to sprinkle on your meat or veggies and throw in the oven!"

"Our company is flexible, environmentally focused, accommodating, and family friendly. Our team is small and mighty: Pauline, Camille, Natasha, Carina, Celine and me! We all love cooking and we stay on the pulse of what is happening in the food scene, both in ingredient and food trends. We really truly operate with the mentality of a) making the best f*ing spices we possibly can, and b) building the business "one customer at a time" - working hard for and appreciating every sale, sending a note with every order, etc. If you don't like delighting customers, Kanel is not the place for you to work!" - Kim Wiseman, CEO & Founder, Kanel

 A big commends to you Kim for a job well done! We here at The Local Space have always, and will always love your product! We are grateful to have the pleasure of working with you. 

Take a look at our instagram for a special giveaway that Kim has provided to get your hands on some of her best pieces! 


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