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Meet Nancy & Anthony, the creators of beauty brand Nuez Acres💖⁠


Nuez Acres is a female-led, indigenous-owned business that spans generations and connects the entire back of ‘Turtle Island.’⁠

⁠‘Clean beauty’ is more than a motto – it’s their mantra. Nuez Acres harnesses the power of pure pecan oil to nourish skin, strengthen hair, and help you live a healthier life. ⁠

Unlike many beauty brands, their story started on the farm. Nancy grew up in Mexico running through orchard rows and climbing trees to pick pecans by hand. Growing nuts was a way of life, and her family took pride in farming with traditional, organic methods that bring out the best flavour and quality in their crops. Organic pecan oil has always been part of her self-care routine, and it’s one of the industry’s best-kept beauty secrets. The oil has a unique ability to soften and strengthen with antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A, proteins, and healthy fats. ⁠

She didn’t truly appreciate the power of pure pecan oil until moving away from home, losing access to farm-fresh bottles. Now, she wants to share it with the world.⁠

The couple met in Canada and started their own family here, raising their son and daughter in Langley, BC. His family’s indigenous roots are just as important to them as her Mexican farming heritage, and they are committed to uplifting both communities with sustainable business practices.⁠

Integrity is at the heart of everything they do, so you can expect more, waste less, and live better with Nuez Acres.

A top seller is Nuez Acres' Lash and Brow Serum. This hydrating beauty serum helps you grow thicker brows and longer lashes. Simply swipe this conditioning oil onto your lashes and brows at night to generate new growth and strengthen every hair. Pecan oil and argan oil deliver lightweight, nourishing hydration that absorbs super quickly and works instantly.

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