Meet The Makers | Sunday Club Apparel

Meet Angela, the creator of Sunday Club Apparel💞⁠

Angela launched Sunday Club in 2020 with only 3 pieces. It started with a hand-drawn sketch of a third eye pendant (Trust Your Intuition - its their best seller) and a love for fashion, branding and creating. She wanted to produce something that she would wear every day, and she dreamed of seeing her sketches on others. ⁠

Sunday Club Apparel has grown to a collection of 26 pieces, some permanent and some limited collections, and will (finally) be launching loungewear this Spring! A project that has been in the works from the beginning of Sunday Club!

A Local Space favourite: the My Sun & Moon Necklace

An homage to Mother Nature’s ebb and flow. One to light your day and bring you warmth. The other to guide your path in the dark. This necklace is made with a 14K gold plated pendant and a 60cm box chain.

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