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Meet Neil and Ryley, the creators of Laid Back Snacks❤️⁠

Laid Back Snacks is a healthy snack food company operating out of Vancouver, BC. Using whole ingredients in delicious and fun ways, each of their 31 snacks is made with their one and only nutritional philosophy, “80% fuel and 20% fun”. Besides providing fuel to moms, foodies and adventure seekers, they're also a proud partner of Breakfast Club of Canada, donating snacks to fuel the potential of young children. ⁠

Laid Back Snacks came to be when Neil and Ryley realized that their snack time looked like dessert at a four year old’s birthday party. The sugar crashes and empty calories were doing nothing for their health and wellbeing.⁠

The reason for their mindless munching? “Healthy food is boring and doesn’t taste good”. To make the switch they'd need products that were more than just healthy, they’d have to be delicious too. And thus, Laid Back Snacks was born!⁠

It’s been a hugely rewarding and taste-bud-popping journey since then. Laid Back Snacks is about more than just their products. They're about celebrating delicious food with friends and family, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and enjoying the small things – like that extra handful of Hearty Tamari.⁠

A crowd favourite at The Local Space is Laid Back Snacks' Wasabi-MeIt's a snack mix of lightly coated crunchy peas with wasabi to give you just the right amount of heat in your snack. With both salt and spice, this is a big personality snack for big personality snackers. Wasabi-me isn't all party though. Its substance includes high protein, high fibre, and high nutrient levels to help you relax throughout your day.

📸 Gayle Mcleod Photography for @laidbacksnacks

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