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Anastasia spent more than 10 years dabbling in startups, in various industries. With many hats on, and many hands in various pots, helping scale teams and learning the ropes of building a company, securing funding, and knowing when to make the right pivots, she found herself excited in having had these priviledges to feel confident in making this attempt on her own. Initially, Loo Drops began as a side project, whilst working full-time, to properly gauge market damand. As it gained traction, and she'd realized it's potential, she left her job in May of 2023, marking the start of a dedicated journey into growing the business. 

While working full-time and not heavily focused on branding or marketing, Loo Drops gained a momentum and received numerous 5-star reviews simply through word-of-mouth. Though, the most pivotal moment for her was when Urban Outfitters and QVC approached her, making her realized that they'd had something special. 

"It's been an exciting journey, and I can't believe it's just the beginning." - Anastasia Chapman, Founder

For those that don't know Loo Drops; the business was a pioneer in the pre-poop drop market, it stands out aesthetically with pleasing (and discrete) packaging, natural scents, portability, and superior odour-neutralizing effectiveness - outperforming artificial sprays. The unique features makes Loo Drops a top choice for a more effective solution for bathroom odour control. Anastasia found inspiration for starting this business during her full-time remote work and world travels, during which she frequently encountered the need for an effective and portable solution to eliminate those well-known (and not well-loved) odours in various shared bathrooms. 

Anastasia is still a one-person team today, with invaluable support from her family. Her mom assists with order processing, and her boyfriend, a creative director. She's currently considering expanding her team with a social media manager in the upcoming year. 

Today, she continues to be impeccably amazed by the unwavering belief in the product, and the heartwarming feedback from customers. 

"Knowing that we've saved people from uncomfortable bathroom situations and improved their daily routines brings me immense joy and fulfillment" - Anastasia Champan, Founder

When asking Anastasia of their future plans, she was thrilled to announce their participation in the FounderMade Innovation Show in Santa Monica, marking their first trade-show appearance. During the event, they'll be unveiling a new scent set to launch this winter, with the goal of connecting with potential buyers, media, and key influences in the consumer packaged goods industry. 

Anastasia's deep-seated desired to be a business owner and profound belief in her product's ability to enhance bathroom experiences is the very thing that gets her up each day. She is committed to making a trip to the bathroom a more enjoyable and comfortable routine for everyone, as no person should dread this daily experience. 

As a small team here at The Local Space, we can assure you that this product is outstanding. An absolute recommendation. Take a peak on our IG as Anastasia has so kindly offered a little gift for one lucky winner after the end of this week :)

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