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Meet the Maker of Jars by Jodi, Jodi Campbell 

She first began in her Coquitlam home, now working out of Pitt Meadows after a relocation 6 years ago. Originally working in office administration and management, Jodi had a drive to find her passion. In 2014, while working in the wedding industry, the first mason jar mixes were created to establish a quality gift item for her family. With a year of perfecting the look & recipes, Jars by Jodi was officially established as business in 2015. Jodi could not have succeeded without the support and assistance from her family’s love - and EVER so amazing free labour (every small business’ favourite)

With the release of her website in 2019 as a notable expansion, she began to realize just how great of a response she had from her customers and hired her first official employee to work a few hours a week.

Jodi first joined The Local Space in 2020, and felt a massive shift to where she now found her (what was once a side-hustle) business was brining in a near full-time income. Today, Jodi has full-time seasonal support working throughout the busy holiday (cookie!) season, and part-time work throughout the rest of the year.

What makes Jars by Jodi such a success is that their mixes and recipes are created in a way where the ingredients go all the way up to the top of the mason jar. That the layers don’t shift or mix around when a jar is picked up, therefore keeping the appearance of the nice gift that you’re giving. We have personally witnessed ample people checking over these jars and sharing stories of how they’ve attempted to re-create things like these, but Jars by Jodi have perfected it. Jars by Jodi also offers personalized jar-top stickers to add that extra warmth of gifting - a favourite piece for us with our Local Box gifts ;)


Some of our favourite recipes include; The Red Velvet Cookies, and Sprinkle Cookies. Jodi also ensures that we always have her lactation mixes available at The Local Space - did you know that COOKIES (like the Lactation Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies) can help with breastfeeding? Probably the greatest piece of news you mamas may ever receive.

Business has not been a simple and easy feat for Jodi - as many other small businesses can relate. She has had a frequent challenge with supply-chain conflicts, especially since 2020. Anywhere from finding mason jars, flour (remember that one?), baking soda, baking powder, salt, doilies, twine, chocolate chips, and most recently; sugar. With what appears to be nearly EVERY piece of her ingredients and supply, it’s incredible to see the resilience of Jodi persevering and finding success throughout the challenges.

But nonetheless, Jodi would never see herself stopping! She absolutely loves how this business has given her the opportunity to meet new people, see her customers, and hear what they love about making or gifting Jars by Jodi mixes. It’s her customers that keep her inspired, and she’s grateful to have the joy of providing something for them!

With that being said, Jodi has informed us to stay-tuned on their socials (and ours) and they’re always working on something new! Keep your eye out for the ever-so-popular Easter Collection which should be launching shortly after Valentine’s Day!
As a way to say thank you to her loving customer-base, Jodi has also requested that we offer a giveaway! Check out our socials to find what that may be :)

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