Interested in becoming apart of The Local Space family? We love adding new vendors every month!
We are primarily on a consignment basis, depending on the brand sometimes we can work on a wholesale basis if we see fit. 

Criteria to Be a Vendor:

You must be a locally made item. 

All bath and body products must be Health Canada approved.

You must have valid insurance for your products and be able to provide a copy of it with your contract.

Be a strong believer or supporting local and supporting other makers.


Q: What is your consignment split?
A: 60/40 - 60% going to the brand/maker

Q: How long is your contract with a brand/maker?
A: We do a one month probation where we have the brand as one of our brands of the month. If the brand/products do well during that first month then we move them onto the floor where the contract will automatically renew every month. To pull items from the store we only ask for seven days notice to have all the paperwork prepared.

Q: How often do makers get paid?
A: You get paid every month (assuming there has been sales) by the 15th of the month via bank deposit. When you fill out your contract we provide you with a banking form so that the money will automatically be deposited into your account. Upon deposit you will also receive an e-mail notification.

Q: How do makers know what they have sold?
A: We have a special program built into our system that allows makers to sign in at any time to see how much they have sold, how much money they have owing to them and what they have sold. This system updates every 24 hours so you are always up to date.

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