Become a Vendor

We are always looking for kick-ass Canadian brands to join our shop! Is that you? Then keep on reading (...and please make sure you actually read what we have to say and not just skip to the end, k thanks)...
What We Look For in a Brand: We love a brand that has taken their time to invest in their brand (logo, marketing materials, branding, packaging, etc.); we find that our customers are more drawn to a brand that has a professional aesthetic. Our customers love to follow brands and their journeys on social media (especially Instagram), so we prefer brands that have a social media presence. All clothing brands must be inclusive and must provide sizes beyond the size Large. We also ask that all of our brands ship and/or drop off in the most environmentally friendly way as possible (For example: No packaging that we cannot reuse or recycle). Last but not least, we love something that is different - we don't want 20 candle vendors, we want something that is different and stands out.
Rules to be considered: You must offer wholesale (at a minimum of 50% off MSRP), You must be located in Canada, You must not be in another retail location within 5kms of any of our locations (you cannot just be in one location and not the other, all stores must offer the same products), You must love to support local and supporting fellow local brands (we do not accept brands that copy other brands, we don't like that game).
An Important Note: At The Local Space we believe it's important to be a store that is inclusive for everyone and our shoppers feel comfortable supporting the brands that we sell in our store. We cannot accept brands that only cater to customers that fit in sizes of small through large; we will only be accepting brands that provide the opportunity for a full-size range including "plus" sizes.
What we are currently not accepting: This is an important section. Our shops are only so big and we don't like to have a ton of the same thing, we want to be able to offer our customers unique local items. What we are not accepting changes all the time, but please do not apply if your niche is listed here. We are currently not accepting applications for candles, bath and body products, teething accessories, baking mixes.
To be considered: Please e-mail your wholesale catalogue (with both wholesale and retail pricing enclosed), along with your website, social media handles and directions on how to do a wholesale order (via website? via e-mail? via PO?), as well as a small bio about YOU and ready to go product photos if we decide to move forward with stocking you in the shops.
*Vendors who e-mail via the contact page or do not provide the information outlined above will not be considered.
Please Note: We do not review applications October 1st - January 15th. Any applications made during this time will be reviewed in order after January 15th. We try our best to respond to all applications but sometimes we are unable to. Please do not follow up via social media channels, the is the only channel that we respond and review to vendor applications (our social media gal has nothing to do with our vendor applications). Thank You!