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Meet Chelsea and Matt, the skeletons behind Unlikely Citizen⁠💀⁠

They started this journey in 2020, and their goal has always remained the same… Create a badass community where everyone is welcome. No Judgment. Lots of Positivity. Tons of Laughs. Because life is too short for the bullshit!⁠

Their whole life they have taken pride in being different, so when they started the brand, they already knew the direction they had to go. Creating ultra-unique and super hip soy candles, all-natural skateboard wax and pop culture stickers was a natural fit for their line-up. All of Unlikely Citizen's products are inspired by life’s true moments, 90’s nostalgia, California skate culture and West Coast Living. Branding and designing is their jam, so creating waterproof vinyl die-cut stickers and dope packaging was essential for the candles and curb wax!⁠

Unlikely Citizen is so grateful to be a part of the local community and they aim for their products to spark some of those unforgettable nostalgic vibes. And don’t let the skeletons scare you… Underneath all the skin, we’re all the same. 😉

A Local Space favourite: Blue Razz Slush Candle

A scent that brings you back to your childhood. All of Unlikely Citizen's candles are made from 100% naturally pure soybeans grown in North America. Their plant based wax is non-toxic, biodegradable and a natural renewal resource.

Made with premium phthalate-free fragrance oil, lead/zinc free natural cotton wicks and recyclable glass jars. These 8oz candles were hand poured with love in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible.

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