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Só was chosen from their joint Irish heritage, and means 'Luxury.'

Amanda and Shylah aim to embody Só in everything they do, in every product the duo creates. 

Só Luxury (formerly known as Bébé de Luxe) started with their signature Coco Oat Milk Bath, a product created by Amanda for her own little guy's eczema over 5 years ago. The two friends came together in the Spring of 2017 to discuss a partnership. It seemed a natural fit, since Shylah’s mom, Sue, had been an integral part of the team for well over a year, managing all production and packaging while Amanda handled all other aspects.  

As growth does, things started to surpass the capacity of Amanda’s spare bedroom office in her townhouse and the hours she could devote to BdL at night once her son Rian was tucked into bed. Shylah swooped in to save the day and the gals were soon incorporating Só Luxury Bath & Body Inc. and signing a lease for warehouse space.

All of the products are tested on themselves and their own families at home - they have always said if they wouldn't use their products on their own babes, they wouldn't be selling it!

The Products:

Today, their signature Coco Oat Milk Bath (a Local Space Best Seller!) is officially a Licensed Natural Health Product! The product you've all come to know as a go-to, all-natural replacement for soap does have therapeutic qualities and is recognized by Health Canada as a safe and effective product for treating eczema and other skin conditions. 

Só Luxury products are formulated to heal and replenish dry skin due eczema and other uncomfortable skin conditions without any ingredients derived from animals to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce environmental impact. They use only all-natural ingredients that you want in a skincare product, with biodegradable ingredients that break down into simple components that are harmless to the environment.

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