10 Holiday Gifts Ideas for Your Littles

1. We think the Coastal Cub Bonnet is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen

Seriously...how f*n cute!!! This bonnet by I’m In The Loop comes in various sizes so you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your baby bear! It is a wool blend so it’s perfect for chilly days where your kiddo needs something to cover their ears. 

I’m In The Loop creates handmade knit and pompom goodies out of Nova Scotia to keep any baby trendy and having fun. 


2. Awaken your child’s inner Michelangelo with the Play Dough Wooden Tools Set with Mats 

This holiday season gift your little one a toy that will spin their creative wheels while playing. This durable and beautifully made set of 7 wooden sculpting tools from Toy Maker of Lunenburg is for all sorts of clay and play dough activities. Use the stamp, pins, & grooved hammers to add texture and play in an open-ended and unstructured way. The wood is sealed for easy cleaning, so no need to worry about messy toys.

Their toys are not only brilliant, they are built to last - the kind of toys you can feel good about passing down through generations.

The set of 7 tools includes 2 rolling pins, 2 hammers with grooved ends, a textured stamp, a pointed tool, and a spatula for $44.99


3. We’re dying over this little forest fairy number by Little & Lively called the Kids Ruffle Pinafore Dress

Dare we say the perfect holiday outfit? This adorable apron style dress comes up to a size 6T in a cranberry shade, as well as a eucalyptus gingham pattern. This is the perfect dress because it can be styled year round. In the winter, pair this dress with a turtleneck, leggings, and booties; In the Summer, pair it with a t-shirt and some sandals.


4. The Giant Peppermint Bark Snowflake Pop is bound to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. 

Chocolate is the gift that can never go wrong...because what kid would turn down a sweet holiday treat? This giant snowflake peppermint bark lollipop is a crowd-pleaser. Layered with Belgian dark chocolate and white peppermint chocolate and decorated with crushed candy cane. You might have to steal a bite for yourself.


5. The Soak + Sea bath bomb sets are designed to spark interest in bath time, so it’s kinda like a gift for yourself too. Win-win! 

These bath bombs are specially designed to protect your little ones’ skin with quality ingredients while keeping bath time fun. These cuties come in 4 different sets: calm kitty, peaceful puppy, brave bunny, and the furry friends set, all with different benefits. 

Calm Kitty set: These luxury feline friends are composed of French Pink Clay, ORGANIC Coconut Milk Powder, and Grapefruit Essential Oil. Calm Kitty was created to connect self care with self love, and most importantly, to nourish and protect your little ones skin.

Peaceful Puppy set: This playful pup is ready to wind-down at bedtime with the soothing aroma of Lavender Essential Oil, French Yellow Clay, and ORGANIC Coconut Milk Powder. Peaceful Puppy promotes feelings of peace, resilience and self awareness.

Brave Bunny set: Our brave bunny is completely SCENT FREE! Composed of White Kaolin Clay, ORGANIC Coconut Milk Powder, and soothing Epsom Salts, this furry friend is the perfect way to enhance happy souls and calm bodies.

Furry Friends set: Set of 4 furry friends bath bombs. Try them all!


6. Gift a classic with the Natural Wood Stacking Toy by Toy Maker of Lunenburg

Seriously, there's a reason why this toy has been around for so long. This classic stacking block will be one of your child's early favourites. This stacking block is made with a variety of woods offering different textures, weights, and smells. Plus, it'll look super aesthetic in their bedroom. 



7. LouLou Lollipop’s silicone teethers will make your babies hungry for real.

Is baby teething? Let’s taco ’bout it! Made of food grade silicone, LouLou Lollipop’s foodie teethers feature a nubby texture on both sides for ultimate teething relief, along with a bean-shaped cutout for easy grasping. And holy guacamole, it sure is cute. Attach anywhere with the included holder, which features colourful, food grade silicone beads.


★★★★★ Marilyn A

Cutest thing ever

“Purchased for my 1st grandbaby. Mom to be said it was the cutest thing she had seen all year. It was a hit!”

★★★★★ Laila T

Cute and great quality

“These teethers are just the best! They’re very cute and extremely functional and safe and my baby absolutely loves it!”

★★★★★ Nijl

Gift for sushi loving parents

“I sent this package overseas to my son and daughter in law who are expecting their 2nd child. Loved the design and colours”



8. Pass down your favourite childhood lullaby with this sweet little Archer Ranger Shirt by Jackson Rowe

They make you happy when skies are grey 💖 . This tee is a sweet little memento for the loving relationship between mama and baby. Fitting up to a size 5T, this shirt comes in two gender neutral colours, Ocean and Sand Castle. 

Jackson Rowe wants you to feel confident that your products are made with purpose, thought and care. That's why every item in their collection is beyond clothing. It’s about quality and craftsmanship to ensure the perfect fit. They believe in designing clothing that feels like a moment in time, like a happy memory you'll never forget. 


9. Kindness is contagious with the Oliver & Ko Kindness Card Set.

This set contains 26 alphabet cards with moments of affirmation. The front shows each letter (Uppercase and lowercase) and the bottom right shows what it stands for. For example:

A is for abundance

B is for bravery

C is for compassion

D is for determined

E is for empathy

The backside holds the definitions on the top part and examples on the bottom.

Kindness is one of life’s most valuable virtues, and you are their most valuable teacher. This toy uplifts and reinforces positive behaviour during playtime. Kindness is a key ingredient that helps children feel good and be good. Let’s spread kindness around the world and help your kids learn their alphabet and expand their vocabulary with positive words. 



"These cards are so adorable and meaningful. They are a perfect gift for my nephew. The design is so beautiful and the content is great. Looking forward to giving them this holiday season!"


"As described. Beautifully made. Comes in canvas drawstring pouch for storage and easy to take on the go. Would recommend and purchase again."



10. The Nash Jacket by Jackson Rowe... just look at it... need we say more??!

Why is the tiny version of anything just so stinkin’ cute? This is the coziest corduroy coat for your little one. With faux shearling lining, pockets, and functional buttons, it's stylish and practical. They’ll be a contender for best dressed for sure.

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