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Taelore started her professional life working a corporate 9-5, and doing the thing all of us Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley folks hate the most - commuting for hours. Tae had the displeasure of having to drive more than 3 hours each day. Though she loved what she did, she knew that there could be more for her out there. Once she had her first little-one, and was at home, pregnant with her second, Tae had been making handmade candles out of her kitchen for friends and family while looking for what that missing piece may have been.

It came to her in 2019, after some encouragement from her husband, Taelore decided to make this hobby into a small business. AuraTae was born. Realizing that her creative energy could be utilized in a way that would provide for her family & knowing her love for creating natural remedies & healthy products had the potential to become a career. Today, she feels that the AuraTae community has fulfilled that yearn for a positive and beneficial role in today's world. 

"One moment that I specifically remember is telling my grandpa that my goal was to sell 50 candles a month to pay for our groceries. He exclaimed "50 candles is a lot! Are you sure?!" Since this day, we have sold millions of dollars in products and it all still feels so surreal. " - Taelore Melnichuk
All of AuraTae products are 100% natural, locally sourced and locally produced. Aside from her lovely husband Ian, they operate with an all-female staff. (Sounds familiar - doesn't it?). The best part about AuraTae in our opinion? Each candle is poured into a commercial-grade cocktail glass that you can re-use as such once you burn the candle. You never need to throw out another candle again!
Today, AuraTae is still operated on Taelore and Ian's property in a 10,000 sq.ft. shop that resides there. It had originally been built for a luxury car storage space, and little to Ian's imagination would he have figured that his beloved shop, in 10 years time, would instead be filled with AuraTae candles, body and home products. Her sister-in-law, Heather, was the first person to join AuraTae after having some commentary on Taelore evidently needing a break. With a toddler & newborn, she happily took the help. Since, they've added a few members, their newest being Bre. It's important that each person on the team feels like family given their close business-to-living-quarters. 
AuraTae really took off in 2020 when candles were expanded into cleaning products. Ian became heavily involved in assisting to scale the business. Since, there have been many incredible moments and partnerships, such as The Local Space, that have helped this hobby become the business that it is today. The gratitude Tae has for the support, the social outreach and even local news acknowledgements rings true to just how incredible the "support local" entity thrives in BC. 
With a third baby on the way, this close-knit team isn't slowing down. They have so many things to be grateful for, and love the opportunity for the creative outlet & ability to offer healthy products to families. There seems to be nothing that will stop them from expanding further. Keep up with their IG to know what's happening! 
As a special thank you to all of you local lovers who helped build what AuraTae is today, Taelore has put together a special giveaway that you can find through our instagram page. Keep your eyes peeled and good luck! 

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