Drenched | Whipped Face & Body Butter - The Local Space
Drenched | Whipped Face & Body Butter - The Local Space
Drenched | Whipped Face & Body Butter - The Local Space

Drenched | Whipped Face & Body Butter

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When you're searching for a daily product that dramatically impacts how your skin feels, you reach for drenched.

Drenched is our best-selling luxurious whipped hydrating mousse. It gives skin a noticeably smoother, softer feel. It helps with moisture retention, sunburn, relief from dry skin and serves as a great addition to morning and evening routines.

Body butter can be thick and non-absorbing. Drenched is just the opposite. Whipped to a consistency that reminds us of birthday cake frosting, with scents to go with it. When applied to damp skin, drenched's organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, mango butter, and almond oil base melts on contact, absorbs beautifully, and leaves skin silky smooth and never greasy.

Use Drenched daily as a hydrating moisturizer for face and body or as part of a complete facial routine.

Spritz a toner like Good Morning, apply a serum like Lighten Up, and have your cake and eat it too with a small amount of Drenched to complete the trifecta.

Available in extra rich vanilla, lavender/citrus, orange/patchouli, coconut lime, almond cookie, and unscented.

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and phthalate-free vanilla fragrance oil or organic essential oil blend.  Lavender/Citrus does not contain Mango Butter.   

250ml, 125ml, and 25ml jars available.


PLEASE NOTE: This product will melt in warmer temperatures. It WILL affect the consistency of the product, but it will not affect the quality. To firm your product, place it in the fridge rather than keeping it at room temperature. Drenched will reduce in volume as it loses its whipped texture and becomes a concentrated butter. You'll simply need to use even less.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shannon S
So rich!

Rich silky smooth and smells so good! Use it every day!

Smells yummy and it works!

The hydration level is unreal. It's super moisturizing, ultra lightweight and smells amazing! Unlike any whipped lotion I've tried before - definitely a must have! And it's affordable - whaaaaat?!!

Best Sunburn Remedy

If you get burnt by Mother Nature this summer do not reach for that gooey gross bottle of aloe. Grab Drenched. It is so silky and moisturizing and has healed every sun burn I’ve ever had. It even soothes those nasty curling iron burns!

Summer staple!!!

Hands down the best for post sunny days 👌

Joy Bunsko
My new favourite

Lightly whipped, smells amazing and extremely moisturizing on my very dry skin. Sinks right in. I’m getting more!