The Cutest Local Bridesmaid Proposal Items | Gift Guide

Girl...did you get engaged? Congratulations!! You've got a lot of planning ahead of you, but don't worry, we've picked out some of the cutest local wedding items for your Bridesmaid proposals! 

The first item on the list? Bridesmaid proposals. Pop the question with a gift box full of local bridesmaid gifts

The Bridesmaid Candles are a sweet gesture. No really, they're vanilla scented with celebratory sprinkles!

These Pretty By Her candles are 100% natural soy wax with a premium cotton wick. They're hand poured in small batches to ensure the highest quality, which is what your girls deserve. want one for yourself? We also carry the Bride Candle

Time to get your babes in formation with the Retro Babe Tee

Ranging in size from S-3XL, these are the perfect uniform for your Bachelorette party! Accompany these with the Retro Bride Tee for yourself, and you'll have the cutest squad around.

We've got a selection of Bridesmaid cards to seal the deal on your proposal

What's the energy? Cute? Crazy? Chill? We've got you covered for all the different moods. Click each image to view their product page.

The Bedtime Satin Collection from Supercrush are luxurious scrunchies that can be worn everyday or incorporated into their bridesmaid looks

Don't be fooled by the name; these aren't just for sleeping, the satin elevates these scrunchies for an elegant look. They come in various muted and classy colours that could be easily incorporated into your wedding theme, or you could go with the cute blush colour to match the Babe Retro Tees.

Satin is also a better material for your hair because it is more gentle and it is the perfect solution to crimping and frizz.

We can confirm that the Baby's Breath Necklace will look amazing next to a bouquet of flowers

This dainty feminine necklace is gorgeous yet subtle. All eyes are going to be on you, but your girls still need to be looking cute, so this necklace is the perfect choice. Not too much, but just enough.

Seal the deal with some Champagne Gumdrops 

Add a little sparkle to any celebration with these Champagne Gumdrops. This non-alcoholic flavour is fruity & refreshing with a tiny hint of floral.

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