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Your mom deserves the best, and we've got it this holiday seasonūüĒ•

First things first, the Blomst Ritual Immersive Kit is necessary for ultimate relaxation. This kit contains all the ingredients to the best at-home spa experience. She works hard, so she deserves to relax even harder. 

This kit contains Himalayan pink salt, various blossoms, a little lantern, a pack of incense matches, and a Blomst Ritual botanical oil.


Add a touch of modern elegance to her morning coffee with the Fable Stoneware Speckled Mugs. These one-of-a-kind mugs are crafted by artisans in the Tagus Valley region of Portugal with locally sourced recycled clays that are fired twice to create everyday durability. 

Plus, they're dishwasher safe, cause who the F wants to hand wash them.


The custom designed Mamas for Mamas Towel is made from Tofino Towel's signature Turkish cotton. Use it for a day at the beach or pool, or as an elegant addition to your home. This style comes in a beautiful pattern, offered in muted tones and finished with a tassel fringe.

25% of the sales from this towel go to Mamas for Mamas Charity, an organization that supports families in poverty-related struggles. 


This sweet and smoky salt blend is¬†Kanel's ode to the cabane √† sucre ‚Äď that spring thaw tradition when woodsmoke mingles with maple sap in the snowy backwoods of Quebec.

With pure maple sugar, naturally smoked sea salt, and a hint of roasted garlic and onion, this comforting blend breathes new life into grilled and roasted meats, poultry and root vegetables.

With pure maple sugar, naturally smoked sea salt, and a hint of roasted garlic and onion, the Quebec Smoked Maple Salt steps up baked salmon.

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