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Vancouver-based, self-care company Midnight Paloma was born in 2019 by its founder Tayler Rogers. Tayler was working at a beauty store called BeautyMark around this time and as she learned more and more about the behind-the-scenes of the beauty product industry, she became inspired her to start her own line.

Tayler became the owner of BeautyMark and learned everything about the industry from the ground up. She says the experience was incredible and it ignited her passion to develop and launch Midnight Paloma.

In the early days, Tayler’s vision was to sell Midnight Paloma at her one retail location. As interest in the product line grew, Tayler decided to just go for it, close her store and took Mightnight Paloma across Canada and beyond. Today, Midnight Paloma spans the continent as far as St. Croix in the Virgin Islands!

Tayler’s attributes her success to her team, “ I have such an incredible team! I can't even name them, because it would take up an entire page. I adore them. They support, and help grow the brand but are also hardcore - if something is wrong/bad/needs fixing they tell it to me straight and I LOVE them for that!”

Tayler is also grateful for the businesses she works with, “I think things are really collaborative right now which is incredible. Businesses really rally around each other and genuinely want each other to succeed. I think it's an amazing community and I'm so happy to be apart of it.”

We at The Local Space feel thankful to be working with the incredible business that is Midnight Paloma. We keep hearing awesome feedback from you - our customers - about how much you love their products. We have a hard time keeping their Everyday Moisturizer in stock!

We are always listening and will keep these amazing self-care products in stock for you! 

And shhh … we got a little teaser from Taylor that there will be some new launches this year … be sure to follow Midnight Paloma’s instagram page to be the first to know!

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