Spring 2022 Subscription Box

So what's in the box?

Topaze Candle | Mimi & August

Our Local Box Subscribers got to enjoy the scent of sandalwood, coco, and vanilla in the cutest zero-waste container. Once this baby is done burning, the vessel can become your new favourite mug or plant pot! 

The Bloom + The Re-Tea | Loosely Tea

The perfect set: a fruitful blend of citrus, passionfruit, and hibiscus accompanied by a reusable, dishwasher-safe tea bag to allow you to chill tf out. This flavours of this tea were inspired by the idea of taking a trip down to your own secret garden, which is the perfect embodiment of Spring.

Notebook | I'll Know it When I See it

Is "reversible" a term that can be used for a notebook? Anyways, this is the perfect notebook regardless of your motivation level. If you're feeling energized, use the front of the notebook to Seize the Day, or if you're feeling over it, flip it over and use the back to Stay in Bed. 

Tea Towel | Artisan's Loft

This gorgeous tea towel made of luxury cotton will bring light and a sense of joy to any kitchen. One of the best things about Spring is the colours, which is why we had to include these gorgeous handwoven towels in bright pink and orange tones. The icing on the cake? For every one of these towels purchased, one tree is planted. 

Muscle Salve | Sḵwálwen Botanicals

PÁ7PAWTN (pa-pow-tin) translates to “plant that relieves sore muscles.” This powerful muscle salve is made with oils of nettle and arnica to help ease sore muscles. Experience deep relief along with a soothing, tingly sensation created from peppermint essential oil with this wonderful restorative treatment.

Mesh Grocery Tote | Moa

Who here is guilty of forgetting their reusable bags and juggling 10 items in your arms back to the car 🙋‍♀️ This tote bag is cute enough that you might actually remember to bring it to the grocery store with you. 

White Raw Honey | Drizzle

Raw honey is described as honey, "as it exists in the beehive" meaning this honey exists in its purest form. This light + delicate honey has the most buttery texture, and pairs beautifully with fresh flavours like fruit, lattes, and warm, freshly baked bread - YUM. It would even pair beautifully with The Bloom tea in the subscription box.


These are exclusive products that you can only get at The Local Space. Designed by our team in collaboration with our favourite kick-ass vendors, for you.

Exclusive Mug | Pier Prints


Designed in-house and printed in Cloverdale, BC by Annie at Pier Prints (or some of you may know Annie as the owner of The Heart in Cloverdale), this mug was a match made in heaven. The perfect balance of delicate Spring florals with a *touch* of sweariness, we couldn't say no to this kick-ass collaboration. 

Megan's Cookies and Cream Chocolate | Solasta

Leave it to Megan to create her own exclusive Local Space chocolate bar with Solasta Chocolate! (Seriously, was this really a surprise? We all know how much she loves their chocolate, so it was bound to happen eventually.)

This delicious af bar is a high quality version of your classic cookies and cream chocolate with ethically sourced ingredients (aka 100% pure fucking deliciousness)