2022 Advent Calendar

We're back again with 24 of the coolest local Canadian products that you can find in an advent calendar. So what's in the box?

Day 1: Drenched Face & Body Butter | K'pure Naturals

Drenched has long been a local lover fave. This daily body moisturizer dramatically impacts how your skin feels. The texture of this luxurious whipped hydrating mousse leaves your skin with a noticeably smoother, softer feel. 

Day 2: Show Pony Espresso Blend | Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters 

From our neighbours over at Smoking Gun in Chilliwack, this blend is no "one-trick-pony". From extra coarse to super fine, you can find your perfect grind size to enjoy this little show-off using whichever brewing method you prefer.

This decadent blend is a medium/dark roast with notes of rich chocolate, creamy caramel, and subtle tangerine, with beans sourced from Honduras, Colombia, and Ethiopia.  

Day 3: Cleaning Tablets | Nature Bee

Day 4: Cocktail Bomb | Cocktail Bomb Shop

The best way to stir up your holiday partyAdd this cocktail bomb to a glass of your favourite spirit and sparkling beverage and watch the magic happen. 

Day 5: Reusable Cotton Rounds | Boutique Love Attack

 These reusable cotton rounds are the perfect replacement for single-use cotton pads, cotton balls, and makeup remover wipes. Each reusable cotton round can be washed over 200 times, making them the perfect eco-friendly alternative in your skincare routine. 

Day 6: Fancy Feet Drink Infusion | Fuse + Sip

This exotic blue drink is a spicy mix of oranges, ginger, and butterfly pea flowers with organic cane sugar. The ginger and orange flavour profiles offer a great kick, and the natural bright blue hue is sure to turn heads. 

Day 7: Healing Salve | Sḵwálwen Botanicals

This powerful muscle salve is made with oils of nettle and arnica ~ natural plant ingredients that help ease sore muscles. Experience deep relief along with a soothing tingly sensation created from peppermint essential oil. Gently massage onto sore muscles, bruises or other aches and pains for a wonderful restorative treatment.

Day 8: Exclusive Hair Clip | Supercrush

Looking for a versatile claw clip that goes with everything? Supercrush's Demi Clip was created to help you nail the perfect style. Made from eco-friendly cellulose acetate and featuring a flat bottom for all day comfort.

Day 9: Mini Gourmet Mustard | Smak Dab

Hands down our favourite mustards! A flavour powerhouse that adds body, a zip of acidity, sweetness, texture, and umami to any dish. It's even delicious straight from the spoon, and we don't judge anyone for that. 

Day 10: Exclusive Shot Glass Candle | Auratae

As seen in last year's advent calendar, Auratae's shot glass candle is back in a delicious holiday scent that is exclusive to our advent calendar. 

Day 11: Exclusive Hot Chocolate Bomb | Solasta

Another advent exclusive: a Solasta hot chocolate bomb! Simply drop this bomb into a cup of warm milk and stir for a deliciously creamy cup of how chocolate complete with mini marshmallows! 

Day 12: Smooch Lip Balm | K'pure Naturals

Of course we had to include our top-selling product for 2022! Smooch is exactly what you need to keep your lips soft and chap free this holiday season. There's a reason why you guys keep coming back for more Smooch. 

Day 13: Shower Steamer | Splish Splash

A relaxing holiday shower steamer to make you feel extra festive this year. Place this steamer on the floor of your shower or on a shelf that is away from a direct stream of water. When the water hits the steamer, it releases a lovely scent! 

Day 14: Seven Seas Gummies | Boite a Bon Bon

Naturally gluten-free and completely delicious, these sour gummies help keep our oceans clean. 1% of all sales of these gummies is donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to conservation. 

Day 15: 2-Pack of Hair Cords | Gummibands

We love these hypoallergenic hair cords! They're suitable for all hair types and gentle on hair, reducing breakage and styling damage. When the cord stretches out, warm it up with hot air from a hair dryer or hot water to return it back to its original shape! Our advent purchasers received the black and snowflake coloured Gummibands. 

Day 16: Piglet Chocolate | Truffle Pig

A Local Lover favourite year after year, these creamy, piglet shaped chocolates are always a hit! They make the perfect local stocking stuffer, plus they're Direct Fair Trade, Kosher, and make in a gluten-free environment.

Day 17: In-Shower Lotion Bar | Sweet as Candy

Are you ready for this? A lotion that you apply in the shower. It creates an awesome moisture barrier that won't wash off. After cleansing, rub this lotion bar over your skin for a moisture hug that can't be beat! *Always exercise caution when exiting your shower as some areas may be slippery. 

Day 18: Hellish Relish | She Devil Delights

Hellish Relish is a mixture of fresh seasonal chilli peppers and onions, cooked up with mustard seed, vinegar, salt, and a sprinkle of sugar to create a sweet and sassy taste sensation. Enjoy this relish on almost anything, or pair it with your charcuterie board for a deliciously savoury addition.

Day 19: Seasonal Preserves | The Preservatory

The Preservatory preserves are made in copper kettles using traditional cooking methods and innovative flavour pairings. Using 'at their peak' in-season fruits, the Preservatory uses high quality ingredients, much of which is grown right on their farm in Langley, BC! A variety of delicious flavours were selected for the advent calendar.

Day 20: Rehydrate TruMarine Collagen | WithinUs

WithinUs Rehydrate + TruMarine Collagen is an electrolyte blend formulated with premium ingredients. This refreshing, thirst quenching blend is packed with essential electrolytes for optimized hydration and TruMarine Collagen to accelerate post-workout recovery (and post-holiday drinking recovery, hehe). 

Day 21: Good Juju Hand Rescue | Walton Wood Farm

Another Local Lover fave: Good Juju Hand Rescue. We can't seem to keep this stuff on the shelves! This is a thick and rich hand cream formulated with Shea and Coco Butter, complimented by an uplifting Satsuma Mandarin scent. *Sample size included in advent.

Day 22: Apple Cinnamon Tea | Loosely Tea

The Cider is all things sugar and spice. This is a limited edition blend that is the perfect drink for all season. The Cider is a delicious herbal blend that even a non-tea drinker will enjoy. Steep this tea for 2-4 minutes to release the most flavour.

Day 23: 24K Gold Eye Mask | Hadaka Beauty

Infused with hyaluronic acid and collagen that penetrates the skin to provide a deep moisturizing effect. These eye masks are great for air travel to hydrate the skin and arrive refreshed and glowing to your destination. These masks are reusable up to 2-3 times, and can be used as a daily or weekly treatment to give skin moisture and achieve that special glow! 

Day 24: Clip Bracelet | For the Seconds

We thought you deserved a little extra sparkle this holiday season! This delicate and stunning bracelet from For The Seconds is 14K Gold Fill. Gold Filled pieces are the most durable and most similar to solid gold. These babies are water and tarnish resistant, so they'l stay looking pretty.

*Some items included in the advent are sample sizes or may differ in size from the images shown