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Meet Meg & Amanda, the creators of Loosely Tea⁠🍃⁠ ⁠

What if the tea you were drinking was actually helping you meet your personal wellness goals and tasted amazing too? At Loosely Teas, they source, blend and create all-natural, delicious teas for everything from energy boosts to fine lines. ⁠ ⁠

Meg and Amanda are two busy Moms who were juggling life through a pandemic and were looking for ways to help them not completely lose their minds. They wanted quick and easy ways to support their health goals and being tea lovers to begin with, they decided to look deeper into what they were consuming and see if they could kick it up a notch in the wellness department. This is how Loosely Teas was created and everyone who stocks, purchases and shares their love of their tea is the reason they are thriving💖

A Local Space Favourite: The Rewind

We're not saying you need to wear a crown to drink this tea, but we're also not saying you shouldn't. The Rewind tea is a special herbal blend which is full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and natural aromas which will knock your socks off. 4 minutes of brew time is all you need to add this to your favourites list.

Aside from being delicious,The Rewind tea is designed to help:

Reduce the risk of Heart Disease
Improve Bone Health
Reduce Stress
Improve Immunity
Reduce Menstrual Cramp Pain
Keep the Liver Healthy
Reduce Blood Sugar Levels
Promote Healthy Weight Management

A cup of The Rewind is full of delicious flavours which blend together in the most harmonious way. We love it hot, cold, mixed into cocktails or baked into delicious treats... Really, we'll take this majesty any way we can get it.

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