Vintage Teacup Soy Candle (#46) - Bergamot & Spearmint Essential Oil Scented - The Local Space - Mountainview Essentials - Langley, BC

Our hand-poured soy candles are created to provide calming aromatherapy throughout your home. Enjoy the scents of bergamot and spearmint essential oils in a beautifully unique way. Each item is completely handmade with love in British Columbia, Canada.


The soy wax I use is 100% pure soy. There are no toxins, carcinogens, pollutants, additives or herbicides. The wax is vegan and Kosher-certified. All the wicks are made from paper. Every candle holder is handmade, and every candle is hand poured. Being environmentally friendly and conscious is important to us. 


Royal Standard Fine Bone China (England)


Bergamot essential oil is clean and refreshing with its citrus scent. It is said to relieve stress and anxiety. Combine this with the refreshingly sweet and minty aroma of spearmint and enjoy the stimulating effect on your mind and body. Spearmint is often used to alleviate fatigue, headaches and digestive problems.


Place your new candle in a draft-free area away from curtains or other flammable items. Be sure to keep your wick trimmed to one-eighth of an inch for optimum burn. During the first burn, allow the candle melt to reach the edges of the pot. Relax and enjoy the aroma!

Once your candle has burned all the way down, enjoy your new tea cup! Clean the cup by soaking it in very hot water. Remove the wick and wipe clean. 


Always keep your candles out of reach of children and pets. Candles are a fire hazard and using them should be done with care.