Shower Steamers | Multiple Scents Available

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No tub? No problem!

Our shower steamers are the perfect addition to your shower ritual. Loaded with fragrance/essential oils when our steamer gets wet it fills your shower with an aromatic treat!

• For best results, put one steamer in your shower not in the direct stream of water. I like to put mine on the floor in the corner.
You don’t want constant water to hit them as they will dissolve too fast.
You can also splash some water on it throughout your shower.

•Alternatively you can put one in a pot or sink of hot water and breathe in the scent. Just be careful with the hot water/steam

Shower Steamers are meant to be used in the shower only. They contain a high amount of essential/Fragrance oils, and should not be used in a bath.

• handmade in Chilliwack BC