PRE ORDER: Advent Calendar

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Please understand that promo codes and discount codes are not valid on this product as our margins was far too low to be able to offer this box with any lower of a discount as it is already discounted so much. Thanks for understanding.

We decided to release the pre orders for our Advent Calendars early (like really early) this year as we sold out so quickly last year, and we had so many disappointed local lovers out there that were hoping to get one. Full payment is required for pre order. We do hope to have more extras than last year, but the only way to guarantee an advent calendar is by preorder. Pre order price is $97.00, regular retail price will be $119.00 starting November 12th.

The Advent Calendars will be available for pick up or shipping beginning November 12th. If you select in store pick up you will be notified via e-mail when your item is available for pick up.

The Local Space Advent Calendar is the adult advent calendar that features 25 days of awesome local products and few extra deals and discounts (I hear there is a 25% off coupon for an entire order at The Local Space, but shhh...). There is a small box (within the advent calendar box) for each day (December 1 - 25th) and in that box there is a different local item.

Please Note: We do not disclose exactly what is in the advent calendar but it varies from bath and body products, tea, chocolate, household items, etc. We do not do different versions for male, female or children. The advent calendar itself is probably more for women or teenage girls. The full retail value of all items in the calendar is $129.99.

PRE ORDER: Advent Calendar