Langley Wood Keychain
Langley BC and the Township of Langley are municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia. The cities are known for their vibrant downtown neighbourhood in Langley City, and the bountiful parks in the surrounding areas. In recent years, Langley has become one of the fastest growing municipalities in the region, making it a pretty hip place to live and work!

Our recycled wood keychains now feature the City of Langley and the Township, in their geographical shape. The keychains are scrollsawed by us, and sourced from wood waste donated by commercial businesses and residents in Metro Vancouver. The keychains are our way of reducing needless waste - repurposing old wood into new products. 

This keychain is a perfect gift for a local Langley resident or someone who works in Langley. It's also perfect for someone moving away from the city. With this keychain, the memories of Langley will always be with you wherever your future takes you.


Measures approximately 5cm x 4 cm and 0.75 cm thick. 

Finished with 3 coats of tung oil. 

Sanded + filed to 250 grit for a smooth feel. 

Edges are filed rounded. 

Polished to 2500 grit for a extra glossy surface. 

Laser engraved.