Floral & Stone, Palo Santo Bundle

Floral & Stone, Palo Santo Bundle

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Each bundle includes 2 sticks of Palo Santo wood which will last many uses. Each crystal attached has it' own benefits. These are used for general energy clearing, mediation support and to promote health & well being.

If you want to burn the florals and keep the entire bundle together, you can. Just keep a heat proof dish underneath as a piece of ember may fall. And though they usually immediately extinguish, I wouldn’t want you to drop a piece on your beautiful white carpet. I often just sit in one spot and burn mine and it just sits on a plate.

If you want to take the bundle apart, and just take out one of the sticks, you can always re-bundle the other stick and still have a nice little floral bundle for decor.

or you can take it completely apart, and just use the Palo stick plain Jane.

whatever feels good to you, And natural. Do that.

There are no rules.
just use your common sense.
use a heat proof dish for your ashes, and never leave burning unattended. Just like a candle. ✌︎