The Kahu Gemstone Bracelet Green Malachite + Moonstone

The Kahu Gemstone Bracelet Green Malachite + Moonstone

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Kahu [Kah-u] a Hawaiian word meaning The Guardian.

Green Malachite: The stone of transformation symbolizing protection, change, and renewal. If your life is in the middle of change this stone is known to offer protection from negative energies by radiating strength and encouragement. This transformation stone promotes self-understanding, balance and comfort.

Moonstone: A stone for the women and new beginnings! Moonstone is known for its inner growth and strength by naturally soothing emotions and stress. Moonstone is also powerful in the attuning and balancing of biological forces/cycles and adjusting to your body’s natural rhythm. It is known to promote fertility, intuition and balances the hormonal system.


+ Authentic Green Malachite and Moonstone gemstones
+ Made using a 6mm bead
+ High quality elastic cord for easy everyday wear
+ Handmade in Canada
+ Ethically sourced beads

* All gemstones are unique, and are therefore one of a kind. Pieces will always have slight variations in the stones that will be different from the picture.