Beach Waves Pink Salt Hair Mist - The Local Space - Cheri Arome - Langley, BC

Lightweight texture. Moisturizing. All-natural.

Gives you a tousled 'just left the beach' look!


[ Coco + Vanilla ]


A balanced blend of Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt create the perfect soft beachy waves, while replenishing minerals and nutrients to hair, while aloe vera tempers the salinity by nourishing strands with moisture to promote shine.


Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest salts that can be found on the earth. Millions of years ago, sea salt beds that have now been raised up in the Himalayan Mountains, were covered over by a layer of molten lava, which protected it from pollution in the air. Over 14% of Himalayan pink salt is made up of minerals other than sodium chloride. Other minerals contained in the salt include magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, potassium, etc.