we love the environment

At The Local Space we strongly believe in reducing our carbon footprint and doing our part in supporting the environment. This means that sometimes you may receive your shipping order in a reused box that isn't as pretty as a brand new box, or is wrapped in paper that we may have received products in.


We encourage our vendors to use eco-friendly packaging and only pack products in packaging that we can either reuse, compost or recycle efficiently.

Store transfers

We only do store transfers twice a week on days that someone is already going to said store; we are trying to keep our driving between stores to a minimum to keep our footprint as small as possible.


We ship all packages together to avoid having to do multiple trips to shipping depots.

Energy saving

We have changed all of the lighting in each of our stores to LED lighting.

eco-friendly partners

We do our best to make environmentally concious choices in all aspects of the business, including picking paperless courier companies that use hybrid vehicles for our same-day deliveries.