Become an Affiliate

Since opening The Local Space in 2016 we have had the opportunity to work with many amazing bloggers and influencers and we are so appreciative of that. Due to the fact that we are a small business and we only retail small and local businesses products in our shop, our margins are extremely small so we're not always able to compete with larger companies. Below we have outlined the current programs that we have available to work with influencers - at this time we only work with Canadian influencers.

In Store Try On Sessions

We try to do try on sessions at least once per week in both our Langley and Chilliwack locations. To participate in a try on session you must be able to physically come into one of our store locations to participate. We are always looking for new influencers of all sizes of followings and clothing size. We acknowledge how important it is to have a diverse range of different sizes and ethnicities participate in this program. We compensate our try on session's with a $25 gift certificate plus 20% off everything in store during your session. In addition, we provide you with a coupon code that is valid for 24 hours after your try on session, this is a code that you are able to share with your followers to score 10% off; for all orders that use your code you will receive an additional 10% back in the form of a gift card within 7 days after your code expires.

To apply for a try on session please e-mail with a little bit about you and your social media handles - we look forward to chatting with you!

Affiliate Program

We offer an affiliate program that awards our affiliates with a 10% commission (in the form of a gift card) on all orders made with their affiliate link. All affiliate links last 30 days in their cookies. Our affiliates receive heads up on any discount codes or sales that are happening so that they can share it with their followers. We are only able to open a very limited number of affiliates/ambassadors each month. 

Click Here to Apply To Be a Part of our Affiliate Program