Operations During COVID-19

Firstly, we want to thank everyone for their support during the unknown that is currently happening in the world. We have had to alter our current operations to continue to stay safe while being able to continue to operate. Please remember, small businesses run with much smaller margins and this time is going to be extremely difficult and challenging for all of us.


As of May 19th we will be open to the public again with the following changes in effect:

We will allow up to two people (or one family) at a time into the store to ensure both staff and customers are able to stay a safe social distance from each other. When coming into the store just pop your head in to ensure there isn't already two people in the store, if there is, please just wait outside, we will try and get customers through in a timely fashion - Remember, this isn't forever.

If you are feeling ill, please reframe from entering the store and choose to shop online. Everything we sell in store is available on our website.

We will have a hand sanitizer station set up at the entrance of the store. Please take advantage of this to help us keep the store safe and clean.

We would to encourage the use of credit cards and debits cards at this time. I know a lot of people want to use cash during the time because it is less fees on our end (I truly appreciate your thoughts), but right now our priority is keeping everyone safe and clean over profits.

After each customer the till area will be sanitized. Please give the staff time to clean in between each customer to ensure the highest level of sanitation.

You will be once again allowed to try on clothing. If you try something on and decide it is not for you, please leave the items in the change room so that the staff can ensure the clothing is sanitized correctly before being placed back onto the floor.

The front door will be cleaned and sanitized once per hour.

If you want to smell or test a product, it will be available by request only. All testers will be kept with staff in the till area. They will be able to provide you with small samples on a popsicle stick.

For those of you that are either immune compromised or just don't feel comfortable going into stores yet at this time, don't worry! We will continue to offer curb side pick up, but it'll just be a little bit different. Because the staff will not be able to completely leave the store we will have a shelf set up outside the store. When you arrive please send a text to 778-552-3149 (not a phone call as we cannot answer the phone while dealing with customers that are already in the store) and say you are here for your pick up order, your order number and your last name (we need all of these details) and then we will place your bag outside. Don't send a text until you are outside as we don't want to put your bag out there too early and then someone else snags it. Right outside our store (a little to the right) there is a "No Parking Zone," you can utilize that quickly to grab your orders as we know sometimes parking can be a pain around here.

We are so excited to welcome you back into the store and see some familiar faces again. Thank you so so much for your support through all of this.