Local Pick Up Instructions

Step 1 - Add all the items that you wish to purchase to your cart.

Step 2 - Go to check out. Confirm that you have everything you want in your cart (and have selected the correct colours, sizes, etc.). Agree to the Online Shopping Policy and the Exchange Policy. Please make sure you read this blurb before agreeing to it. It outlines things such as all sale items are final sale, processing times, etc.

Step 3 - Select either Shipping or Local Pick Up. Which ever button is greyed out is what is selected. If you are wanting local pick up it will ask additional questions regarding your local pick up. If you do not click Local Pick Up the website will assume that you are wanting your order shipped - this cannot be changed after checking out.

Step 4 - When you select Local Pick up it greys the box (see below). You then will be asked to pick the location you wish to pick up at, as well as the date. These items need to be filled in. Then click Check Out to proceed.

Note: All orders must be picked up within 3 weeks. Orders not picked up within 3 weeks are assumed abandoned and are donated to a local community organization.

Step 5 - Enter your e-mail address


Step 6 - Below the e-mail spot is a pick up address, leave the address spot as it is, just enter your name and continue onto the next page. This will automatically populate depending on the location that you choose at checkout.

Step 7 - On the next page you will fill in all your billing information and after completed you will receive an e-mail confirmation. An e-mail confirmation is not telling you that your order is ready, it is telling you that we have received your order and we will start working on it as soon as we can. This is an opportunity for you to confirm that you picked all the correct items and selected the right spot for local pick up.

Step 8 - You will receive another e-mail notifying you that your order is ready to pick up. On this e-mail it will also have your order number, you will need this information in order to pick up so make sure you keep that e-mail on you when you go pick up.

Step 9 - Go pick up your local goodies from the location that you choose!