Online vendor opportunities at The Local Space

The Local Marketplace is an opportunity for Canadian brands to list their products under The Local Space on our online platform with easy integration with their existing Shopify website. This is a great opportunity for vendors who couldn't fulfill our wholesale requirements (or for brands that we don't currently have room for) to retail their products in our brick and mortar locations.

To be considered for The Local Marketplace you must have an account/website with shopify (Click here to start an account with Shopify) and utilize the Shopify Collective App. The Local Space can help you set up your Shopify Collective App through a 1:1 Coaching Session (fees apply) or you can contact Shopify Support for assistance.



Fill out the form below to apply to receive an invite to Shopify Collective with The Local Marketplace. If approved you will receive an invite for the Shopify Collective app for suppliers.

Set up Shopify collective

After you have been accepted and received your Shopify Collective invite you will need to follow the Shopify Collective steps to get all set up. You will need to select which products you want to offer for "drop shipping" and set your wholesale and retail pricing.

It is important that when you set up your products that you upload professional photos and well detailed descriptions. If there is important information that needs to be relayed to the customer, make sure it is stated in the description of the product. For example: If a product is custom made, it is final sale. If it is made to order, maybe processing time is 2-3 weeks. Make sure all this information is clearly stated on the product page of each product.

Set up your shipping

Set up your shipping profile through Shopify Collective. Since you will be shipping directly to our customers you will need to ensure that you set up shipping so that it best makes sense to your business. Keep in mind that The Local Space does offer free shipping across Canada for orders $50 and over, you are more likely to get orders if you match that.

We Publish Your Products

After you have set up everything on your end through the Shopify Collective app we will select which products that we will publish on our website.

Get Selling

Wait for those orders to flow in! You will fulfill orders directly through your own Shopify dashboard and get paid automatically through Shopify payments.


We have spent the last 7+ years establishing The Local Space in the online and supporting local atmosphere; you will get the opportunity to have your products in-front of the 20,000+ monthly visitors to our website without any upfront costs.

At this time this program only works with vendors that have an existing Shopify account. Click here to join Shopify and try a 14 day trial.

While customers are shopping on The Local Space's website, all your orders will be fulfilled through your own Shopify dashboard.

You are also paid directly through Shopify payments.

The Local Space requires all vendors participating in The Local Market program to follow our existing return policy (14 days). If you provide custom products that are final sale it needs to be noted that the product is final sale on each product page for each product.

Customers are required to pay the postage for returns.

All customer complaints with The Local Marketplace vendors are expected to treat our customers with the upmost respect. Our customers are #1 to us, any complaints will be investigated and if deemed that a vendor doesn't value our customers as much as we do, they will be removed immediately from the Marketplace.


Have a question about The Local Marketplace? Send an e-mail to