Local Box Product submissions

We may be a little biased, but we have a pretty kick-ass subscription box! Do you want your product to be included in one of our quarterly boxes? We are always looking for new Canadian products to join! Is that you? Then keep on reading (...and please make sure you actually read what we have to say and not just skip to the end, k thanks...)


Please fill in all necessary information in the form at the bottom of the page. Vendors who e-mail via the contact page or do not provide the information outlined above will not be considered.

    • The whole concept of our subscription box program (and many others that offer something similar) is that (1) it is giving our customers the opportunity to try a product that maybe they wouldn't have normally tried; and (2) they are getting more value from the box than the amount of $ that they paid. We are only able to do that with the help of our local box participants by offering a higher % off their MSRP than they would normally.
    • We cannot accept any items that require customers to pick a size. Example: No clothing items will be considered.
    • Advent Calendar Submissions: (1) Items must fit in a 2x2x2 space; (2) Be non-breakable; (3) Hold a long shelf life (we pack the advents 3 months before they will be opened); (4) Have low per unit wholesale cost (we have to fix 24 items into one box); (5) The ability to produce 1000+ units.
    • Spring/Summer/Fall Submissions: (1) Something that is new/exclusive to the box; (2) Items can be sample sized or full-sized; (3) Per unit cost $5-$15 (including shipping).
    • Approx shipping/delivery costs need to be supplied in the form below to be considered.
    • Important Delivery Deadline Dates: Spring Box (February 1), Summer Box (May 1), Fall Box (August 1), Advent Calendar (July - Sept).