Local Pick Up & Shipping Procedures

With the exciting times of adding another location (South Surrey), comes the frustrating time of technology, as there is no easy way to manage our local pick up options and shipping (Oh, I wish we could have a million dollar website like Walmart, ha) without having two separate websites - we don't want that, ya'll want your points, right? So, we hope this page makes it easy to understand...
1. On every product page right below the price, it lists the available inventory (see below). If you are shopping for Langley make sure that there is inventory, and same goes for Chilliwack and South Surrey. We are only shipping out of the Warehouse, so if you are wanting to get an order shipped, make sure you are making sure there is inventory at the Warehouse when adding to the cart.
2. Shop as you would normally on the website, just make sure you are checking the inventory on every product you are adding to the cart before hand.
3. At check out if you are doing local pick up, select your location (see image below) and proceed to check out. If you are opting for shipping, click Ship and proceed to check out. Again, it's important that you check the inventory on each product page before getting to this step because even thought we're only shipping from Langley, if there is product available in Chilliwack, it'll still let you check out and unfortunately it'll result in either a delay in your shipment or a cancellation. So please please make sure you are checking inventory availability on each product page before adding to your cart.