Congratulations on being accepted into The Local Space's Local Marketplace program! We have tried to make onboarding with this program easy and as seamless as possible, but it is still a beta program and there are still some kinks to work out, but we appreciate you joining us for this journey. As stated previously, only Shopify users qualify for participating in The Local Marketplace, if you don't have a Shopify account and you are interested in it, click here and you can sign up, and score a $90 USD in Shopify Subscription credit.


After you have been accepted and have recieved an invitation from Shopify to add Collective (Supplier), you will need to add this app to your Shopify account.

This app is only accessible via invitation and cannot be found in the Shopify App Store. Below we have provided some quick tips on getting set up with Collective, if you need additional help Shopify Support can provide additional support.

Below is a screen shot of the welcome page of your Collective (Supplier) app. Follow the steps "Complete Your Brand Profile" and "Review Your Point of Contact" as per your own branding and information.

Margin Shipping Cost

15 - 25%

Free Shipping


Flat Rate Shipping not more than 20% of the retail price of your cheapest product


Flat Rate Shipping not more than 25% of the retail price of your cheapest product


Flat Rate Shipping not more than 35% of the retail price of your cheapest product

When you get to customizing your shipping zones and rates, this is where it gets a little more complicated and where you will decide if The Local Marketplace is suited for your business or not.

Currently there are a lot of limitations when it comes to shipping so we had to make some guidelines for participants with The Local Marketplace. Since this program is still in it's beta testing, we are unable to charge shipping per brand to the customer so The Local Space is actually the one that absorbs your shipping costs, but it still has to make sense financially for us to do this. For lower priced per unit brands, this program may not make sense for them at this time, but we hope as the program grows we are able to offer more extensive shipping options that will give opportunities to even more Canadian brands.

See table for our margin and shipping guidelines. If you are new to retail: a 25% margin means that you are offering your products to The Local Space at 25% off the retail price. If you choose this option, you will be offering free shipping. If you are offering 50% margins (the typical wholesale margin) then your set flat rate for shipping cannot be more than 35% of the retail price of your cheapest product. For example, if your cheapest product is a sweatshirt that costs $50.00 then your shipping rate cannot be more than $17.50.

You will need to set up your shipping zones yourself - this will only have to be done once.  Above on the left is a screenshot of what the screen will look like. At this time we are not offering Local Marketplace to markets outside of Canada, we may expand in the future, so at this time, you only need to input costs for Canada. Shopify may automatically just input random numbers, so make sure you update to reflect the needs of your business that coorespond with the margins and shipping guidelines noted in the chart above.

The final step is setting up and selecting your products that you want to offer to The Local Marketplace. Select items from your existing Shopify store, select The Local Space for Retailer Access (we will appear when you click Assign Access after we sent you a Collective invitation), change your price adjustment as per the margin and shipping guidelines above and change the status to active. Once that is complete we will be notifed and can go through your catalogue, ensure that the margins and shipping you have set up match our guidelines.

That's it for getting all set up! When an order comes through, it'll come through on your own Shopify dashboard just as if it came through on your own Shopify account natively. As you offer new products you can go back into your Collective app and add to your catalogue, we will recieve a notification every time you update your offerings.

Any questions regarding getting set up can be directed to Shopify Support, any questions specific to The Local Marketplace can be sent to