Business Consulting

Before Megan opened The Local Space she did offer marketing services to small business owners, that got put onto the back-burner as The Local Space continued to achieve success. Now that we have an amazing and kick-ass team here at The Local Space, Megan is able to go back to her roots (and do what she truly loves to do); help small business owners thrive. If you're familiar with The Local Space you can feel confidence receiving education and support from someone that truly has a successful business, and not just a Facebook Ad telling you so.

Megan offers the following services:

  • One-on-One Consulting Sessions. Consulting Sessions are also called Brainstorming Sessions; it is an opportunity to ask and learn whatever you want in regards to business. Some popular topics include: Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Wordpress Training, Shopify Training, Operations, etc. Click Here to Book.
  • Business, Marketing and Development Workshops. 
  • Online Courses and Resources. New courses and resources are launched every month.

Also, we're always releasing new freebies for some kick-ass business owners (Please Note: They are directed towards women in business, but who cares, anybody can use them!). Click here to check out the current available freebies.