About Local Boxes

The idea of The Local Box started around the same time that we opened our first brick and mortar location in Downtown Langley in 2016. It started with city boxes that were filled with items from that particular city, then grew to special occasion boxes, and then Christmas hit and we did over 200 secret Santa boxes - who would have thought?

Today we produce hundred of local boxes each and every month for special occasions, birthdays, realtor gifts and more. Every box is filled with products from local Canadian brands - we mean it when we say it's local. We also ensure that we are as eco-friendly as possible with our kraft boxes and stuffing being easily recyclable.

Since we are a business that is continuously bringing in new brands and products from across our wonderful country, no box is ever the same (unless you request it, of course). You can pick from our pre-curated collections or request a custom made box. All of our boxes are customized to your budget to ensure that it is within reach of everybody.

If you are someone who needed to purchase in large quantity (maybe client gifts over the holidays or you're a super awesome boss that wants to spoil their staff?) or on a continuous basis, we do offer quantity discounts. You can click here to learn more about that.

Have any other questions? Don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact Page. If you're a vendor wanting information about being apart of our Local Box program, please click here for vendor information.