The Positive Effects of Shopping Local

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Written by: Kayla Harvey 

This year has been one for the books and has presented unique challenges that have encouraged us to slow down and bring our focus back closer to home and enjoy all that is around us within our communities. The term ‘shop local’ and ‘support small businesses’ became a common encouragement, bringing increased attention to local companies such as Tofino Towel Co., Smash + Tess and Stitch Please. Supporting local businesses has held a close place to my heart for as long as I can remember; it was a way for me to support those within my community and I hope that this is something you will embrace as well. The positive impact that shopping local has is one that is commonly underestimated but in reality, it has some remarkable impacts.


When you make the decision to support local, you are supporting a business owner within your community – maybe even someone who lives closer to you than you know – and their family. Such as Karen Johnson, the owner of K’pure Naturals who specializes in organic and natural skincare. Each time a K’pure product is purchased, her and her family of 4 younger children are supported. Not only will this leave you feeling good about your purchase, but it will also make those who are happy to see their product being loved feel the same way.


While this is a way for you to support those within your community and their families, through the purchase of a locally made product, you have the unique opportunity to be someone’s ‘secret cheerleader.’ Pursuing the dream of starting your own business is both an intimidating and empowering one and for the owner of SeaLuxe, a luxurious seaweed skincare company, it was a decision that much like their products, was made locally - specifically at Crescent Beach. When you purchase a product from a local business you are encouraging the owner to keep pursuing their dream, that they made the right choice and that you are grateful that they did.


Through shopping local, you are also purchasing products that have always been close to you since they are not imported and may come from as close to you as a few blocks over. In some cases this may set off a local-chain-reaction: when you purchase a locally produced product, this usually means that the ingredients or materials that were used to make the product was supplied by another local company. Though you may think that you are supporting a single local business – you could be supporting many.


If you are looking for a place to start shopping local, or keep shopping local, The Local Space is a great place to stop into as they feature an amazing variety of local products such as clothing from Jax + Lennon, candles that smell too good to be candles from Mala the Brand and coconut oil coffee mixes from Level Up Superfoods. If doubt does ever find its way into your mind when you ponder the question as to if shopping local does have such a positive effect, I encourage you to explore the local companies within your community and get to know who is behind them. Get to know the families, the people and the passions that you get the opportunity to support.


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