Small Business Saturday: OneThing

We're excited to be launching our Small Business Saturday series which we are starting off with this FABULOUS brand: OneThing...
One Thing was Inspired by a documentary called Living On One Dollar. We're on a mission to bring people together and fight isolation everywhere! Our motto is to EMPOWER + CONNECT people in a real, tangible sense. 

What we learned from the documentary was that people everywhere are left isolated because we don't know how similar we really are to them. You see, there are places in our world where people live on one dollar a day. If you join these people in the pursuit for life and happiness, you'll see that the fundamental things we all care about are quite similar. We are all driven to thrive because of a special 'one thing' that empowers us - like our children, our value system, or our ability to overcome. This makes us human!

But when we’re not in survival mode, we tend to forget how connected we are through our human nature. And when we forget this, we can’t see that we all have value or that we’re each trying to bring something to the world. We only see superficial differences and opinions. One Thing believes that a connected, more accepting world starts by recognizing that we are all fundamentally similar and that's why our products exist!

We ask people all around the world "What is ONE THING you bring to this world?" We put their answers inside each locket we sell so you can see how valuable and connected we each are. When you open your locket, you'll find a tangible connection with someone new! 

Then, you can use the locket inserts we provide and wear your own empowering message inside like "My One Thing is to feel the fear and do it anyways" as a little reminder. Or, gift one thing you love about someone else to empower them!

And how can you help One Thing's mission?

You can always submit your One Thing message! Every little bit of knowledge and empowerment you can share with the world helps people learn how similar we really are to one another! We'll share your message far and wide, even anonymously. It's the easiest way to get involved and make a difference! Do it here

Did we mention?? We donate 10-25% of every sale to programs that help prevent isolation, depending on the program! Currently, we give back to Postpartum Depression prevention and Living On One's non-profit initiatives to fight isolation (they did the documentary that inspired us!).
Use the code ONETHING at the checkout on The Local Space's website until Sunday, July 23rd to receive 10% off! The Local Space does not currently offer shipping (it's coming soon though!) but you can pick up in store in Downtown Langley.

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